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The sex war raging within FDC has escalated following the emergency of a new set of whatsapp messages privately exchanged between Secretary General Nandala Mafabi and Hamida Nassimbwa, who heads the party’s women league in Buganda. The two have for long been close allies in the party but fell out recently when, acting on the SG’s prompting, Party legal advisor Nasser Mudiobole authored a legal opinion advising on the ejection of some members from NEC. Nassimbwa was among those who were ejected on grounds that their membership was alien to the Party Constitution. The feud father escalated when the party’s Chief Administrative Officer Rose Nassanga (now in ICU Mengo hospital) became traumatized and fell sick, a thing Nassimbwa blamed on the harsh work environment Nandala presides over at Najjanankumbi. She maintains that whereas Nassanga is the CAO, the Secretary General has been tormenting her very much by working with deputy CAO Pauline Namyanzi who gave birth a few days ago. That all this makes Rose Nassanga to feel belittled as her professional approach to work is seldom appreciated by the SG. Then the manner in which Nandala jubilated when Nassimbwa’s brothers Huzair Kiwalabye and Abdul Kitata (of Boda Boda 2010) were jailed only made worse an already bad situation. Nandala maintains that Hamida Nassimbwa, who was among his campaign managers in 2013 when he became SG, has no moral authority to talk anymore because what has befallen her two brothers is proof their family isn’t morally upright.

In one of the latest leaked whatsapp chats in their respective inboxes, Nassimbwa wrote to Nandala last week: “I have always and again told you I’m someone’s wife. You have no authority to call my number. Have I ever called on your phone?” She had just registered a missed whatsapp call from the SG’s number. Nandala, who Nassimbwa says prompted this rude message from her because he had moments earlier made whatsapp calls onto her line, simply replies “Yes” but he appears cautious enough and doesn’t elaborate. And Nassimbwa replies “Hmmmm, I’m someone’s wife and a proud wife.” This above exchange was in the last week of January the month we have just concluded. Then the following day Wednesday 31st January, Hamida Nassimbwa teasingly wrote to Nandala’s inbox “How far with your fight against Muntu and Besigye?” Nandala two minutes later replied “Going on well.” And Hamida replied “That is why Dr. Besigye chased you from [sic] your greed of standing for PP [Party P[resident].” See more in the very bitter whatsapp exchanges between FDC SG Nandala Mafabi and his erstwhile ally Hamida Nassimbwa which party president Patrick Amuriat Oboi has been trying to alleviate in vain:



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