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Ps Martin Sempa of the Makerere Community Church (MCC) says he is on the verge of releasing a book whose contents will leave many in this city utterly shocked. He says the book has sordid details of city celebrities, corporate leaders, media personalities, lawyers, government officials and University Professors who are active practitioners and sympathizers of homosexuality. “I have been underground for more than 4 years because I had been targeted and those guys almost finished me off because of my outspokenness against homosexuality in Uganda. I had underestimated their ability to do evil but I now know those guys are very vicious, powerful and there is a lot they can do to harm whoever stands in their way,” Sempa told this news website late Tuesday afternoon. He said in Uganda, members of the core group are too affluent and are overall coordinated by a female University professor who opened war on him after his public advocacy campaigns got her to twice be crowned the worst woman of the year in the early 2010s. He says that she, along with her husband, the female don has clandestinely co-founded many richly-funded NGOs and charity organizations through which many brilliant young lawyers are facilitated to go around defending human rights in general but with much emphasis on sex minorities. “They are so sophisticated you can’t adequately know who they are and what they each stand for. Each one of them has been designated a role and mass recruitment continues of the brilliant chaps at the University,” Sempa said adding that a veteran journalist oversees the recruitment of young lanky journalists into the practice. He said the deeply networked group relies on a leading flamboyant corporate leader whose wealthy organization is full of homosexuals many of whom are involuntarily recruited in return for well-paying jobs. “He also has a female manager who is a lesbianism. Whereas he concentrates on male recruitment, the female manager makes sure most of the newly recruited female employees are reached out to and inducted into the homosexuality practice. You know in this city money is almost everything for so many people and once you have it, you get people doing what you want however evil,” Sempa said insisting his book was going to expose each of these people like never before. “I will be in details explaining what they have secretly done to me so that they are adequately exposed for other innocent Ugandans to be safe.” He said to disguise their activities, the homosexuality leaders spread themselves into think tanks on constitutionalism and others focusing on the promotion of the universal rights contained in chapter 4 of our Ugandan Constitution.  Renowned for his fearlessness, Sempa said he was ready for the consequences of exposing the inner-dealings of such a powerfully connected group with wealthy backers abroad. The MCC senior pastor says his book will be out early March meaning it’s just weeks away. The celebrated moralist has previously fought many controversial wars with the likes of Bobi Wine, Andrew Mwenda, Sylivia Tamale and others over issues like Vagina Monologues. He has also had public spats with renowned Makerere researcher Dr. Stella Nyanzi.



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