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Makindye East MP Ibrahim Kasozi has continued catching his political adversaries within the FDC party off guard as his political antics have continued to surprise many. Initially his great admiration for Gen Mugisha Muntu made many to suspect that Kasozi, a onetime close confidante of Dr. Kizza Besigye, would be the first person to jump onto the New Formation bandwagon but that never happened. Instead Kasozi kept his distance and skeptics became even more surprised when he accepted a position in the post-Winnie Kizza shadow cabinet constituted by Semujju Nganda and Betty Aol Ochan. Some have since attributed this to the fact that he has issues with the likes of Bukedea woman MP Anita Amongi who is a close ally of many of the key pillars in Gen Muntu’s New Formation. And then as recent as last week, Kasozi accepted inclusion into Col Kizza Besigye’s new People’s Assembly which the FDC founding President maintains will complement the People’s Government network by serving as its legislature. “He attended the ceremony and surprisingly sat through to the end. He never seemed in a hurry to leave and was cheerful throughout the function,” says an FDC party insider. But knowledgeable sources say Kasozi’s renewed enthusiasm towards the party he co-founded with others didn’t just happen spontaneously. It was an outcome of hard work and regular engagements with Party President Patrick Oboi Amuriat which were later fortified by meetings he had with Dr. Kizza Besigye with whom Kasozi had frank discussions regarding what could have gone wrong to crack up their past relationship. Besigye and Kasozi agreed it was agreed it was possible to work together again. By attending the event at FDC headquarters last week, Kasozi secured himself against any possibility of the FDC fronting anyone against him as he faces Mike Mabikke who is trying to ride on Bobi Wine’s People Power and king makers like Sam Lubega Mukaku to occasion a major political comeback on his Makindye East turf. Mabikke is among those Kasozi thumped in 2016 as he rode to victory the others being Dr. Ian Clark and John Ssimbwa who was the incumbent. Yet Kasozi wasn’t the only unexpected attendee at the People’s Assembly inauguration. National Female Youth MP Anna Adeke was another that surprised many. She was for long perceived to be in New Formation because of the fact that her step mother Alice Alaso is a leading promoter of the Muntu formation. Adeke, who is understood to be eyeing Angeline Osege’s Soroti woman MP Seat, not only participated but also accepted a ministerial assignment in Besigye’s expanded defiance cabinet.  Some observers say she is doing all this to avoid antagonizing with Amuriat’s crowd back home in Teso where people remain proud of the fact that their own leads the country’s leading opposition party.




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