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All isn’t well in the family of detained Boda-Boda 2010 house hold proving that indeed life can change very fast. This news website has a short while ago just spoken to one of his wives (he has 8 in total) and she confirms the family has already fallen on hard times, financially speaking. “We are 8 in total and we have many children to look after.

It’s Hajji who has been providing everything and without him things are bad. We have been shunned by the IGP and other big people in government,” said the wife sounding very broken and preferred not to be on record. She has one child (a baby) with Kitata and other family sources say Sumaya Ninsiima, the main wife who took government to court last week applying for the writ of habeas corpus, has sidelined other co-wives. The wife we have just spoken to adds that: “Hajji’s businesses have been closed by CMI including the maize milling plant in Nakasajja Township [Mukono Kitata’s birth place] yet it has been the major source of income for the family.” Kitata owns more than 200 boda bodas and taxis but the guys operating them have either disappeared in thin air or abandoned them altogether saying its risky because fellow riders know them at the stages where they have been operating from.

“The passengers shun them once they are told by competitors at stages that those are for Kitata and life is generally not easy. The children will soon be going without meals because there is no money. Hajji had many projects that were incomplete and don’t bring in money as yet,” said a relative who is among the many people Kitata has been looking after on a daily basis. One of the 8 wives is a KCCA councilor earning modestly and co-existing with the seven others and each is now on her own fending for her children. “Life can really be funny because guys we took to be Hajji’s friends are now busy plotting to steal his things while hiding much of the information regarding the joint businesses they had with Hajji,” said one of the wives.

“The truth is we never expected this and were therefore much unprepared. We believed Hajji was to be with us forever. It’s even more painful psychologically because nobody has been allowed access to him. Not even the lawyers nor the doctors. Why are they harassing him? What wrong did we do? Where is the so-called NRM party to help Hajji’s children? We appeal to the President to intervene because Hajji is innocent just being sacrificed because of the intrigue between the Generals in government,” lamented one of the wives we have just spoken to. We are further told that many former acquaintances now even fear to associate with the family on grounds that once identified, CMI will witch-hunt them and cripple their businesses mistaking them to be Kitata’s.

“We are very traumatized and now planning to go to Makindye military court martial hoping that is where he will be produced today but we are very disappointed Hajji has been denied access to family, lawyers and his doctors,” concluded the clearly very heart broken wife.



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