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This is strange but true. Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga continues to be subject of court proceedings regarding the curious circumstances under which his firm took possession and ownership of the frequency that became Urban TV. The court proceedings commenced in 2014 at the instigation of renowned media entrepreneur Nader Andersen, a Ugandan of Serbian origin, through one of her companies trading as Sports TV.  The parties are Sports TV (Plaintiff) and Vision Group (Defendant). Under Civil Suit No.738 of 2014, Justice Anna Bitature Mugenyi of the Commercial Division of the High Court is scrutinizing Nader’s claim in which she accuses Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga of breach of contract and fraudulent conduct. Having concluded the hearing sessions, during which the lawyers representing the two disputants made out their cases, Justice Mugenyi called for final written submissions which she has been studying. Knowledgeable Court sources say the Judge, who formerly worked at URA as a corporate lawyer and marries city tycoon Patrick Bitature’s brother (divorced him later), is busy writing the judgment whose delivery has already been promised to the two parties on notice. It will most likely be delivered between now and end of August.   

Tony Glencross
Justice Mugenyi


In her affidavit, Nader asserts that having failed to get allocated a frequency and license in Kampala by the regulator UCC on grounds the Kampala airwaves space was over congested, the Vision Group bosses (desiring to start a TV station) approached her begging to make use of the frequency she was already operating under Sports TV. It was situated along Moyo Close in Kololo. Nader’s affidavit further shows that Robert Kabushenga was personally involved in cajoling her to buy into the Vision Group proposal on the understanding that there would revenue sharing every month. Tony Glencross, an old friend who was then serving as Chief Commercial Officer Vision Group was thickly involved in the initial negotiations. Tony actually helped Kabushenga to convince Nader to surrender her Sports TV assets and frequency for the success of what became Urban TV. Details on the court file show that, on buying into the joint venture deal and signing onto the same, Nader not only surrendered her frequency but also generously offered the initial equipment such the transmitter and satellite equipment with which Urban (and partly Bukedde) TV was started under Kabushenga’s Vision Group. The idea was that the financially more capacitated Vision Group would run the entire business and keep remitting her fraction of the profits on a monthly basis. Being one with vast experience and industry relevant connections, Nader also took Vision Group bosses to places like Italy where she introduced them to the best dealers and manufacturers of the best relevant television equipment. Her vast involvement in the initial processes that led to the establishment of Urban, Bukedde and other Vision Group TV channels partly explains why the Bukedde and Urban TV studios were all modelled in a way that resembled that of Nader’s Sports TV. Her lawyers argue that at that time there was limited knowledge about establishment and management of TV stations in Uganda, something that made the likes of Nader valuable consultants given their prior experience having their hands on the same. This was at the time UCC was talking about Digital Migration and the Vision Group TV section team regularly contacted Nader asking for many things including the contacts of the Italian equipment suppliers. Knowledgeable sources say that on being taken to Court by Sports TV, Kabushenga became furious and has always been itching for an opportunity to get back at Nader as he awaits the Court Judgment that could see Vision Group pay billions in costs and damages to her Sports TV Company. When veteran journalist Tony Owana bitterly fell out with Nader at UBC, where she works as part of the revamp team specifically assigned to head TV section, Kabushenga’s Vision Group eagerly embraced Owana and instantly gave him a higher paying job than what he earned at UBC. Some say Kabushenga, renowned for unforgiveness, saw this as a perfect opportunity to revenge on Nader. For comments, call/text/whatsapp us on 0703164755.



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