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By Wasswa Balunywa Jr

Kyaddondo East MP Bobi Wine aka Kyagulanyi Sentamu on Saturday created a whole new momentum in the Jinja East by-elections campaigns. “Hon Mwiru incidentally didn’t support me in Kyaddondo East but that is very immaterial. We are here for a cause and the bigger picture of things which is to diminish the NRM numeric strength in our Parliament. I’m saddened these guys raped our Constitution and legislated life presidency into existence. Nathan Igeme Nabeta was among the 317 culprits who betrayed our generation. This is why I feel I have a duty to ensure he doesn’t return to Parliament. I know he voted yes when you guys clearly told him Togikwatako,” Bobi Wine said to deafening applause.

“In the fulfillment of my duty to fail such traitors, I will be pitching camp in Jinja to move door to door to re-energize my brother Paul Mwiru’s grass root support. We must win this vote and its President Museveni and his traitors that are on trial and not us.” This was at Walukuba Primary School where thousands of Mwiru’s supporters gathered for his 4th major rally. Bobi Wine said he will use the remaining campaign period, as he camps in Jinja, to infect all the young people in the town with the “Bobi Wine mindset” which he said is about ensuring that President Museveni is swept off the Presidential throne using people power. He also said once they are determined, the Jinja voters will overwhelm the billions the NRM camp is claimed to have invested in the bye-election.

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago campaigns for Mwiru during the Walukuba mammoth rally on Saturday


Bobi Wine greets FDC’s Harod Kaija at the Mwiru Saturday rally


Paul Mwiru flanked by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago & MP Betty Nambooze during the Saturday rally at Walukuba PS


Gen Muntu campaigns for his blue eyed boy Paul Mwiru at Walukuba PS on Saturday


Bobi Wine, who bragged to have defeated the President’s billions in Kyaddondo East, claimed when they heard of his plans to raid Jinja, many NRM big shots rang him offering colossal sums of money for him to just stay away from the Jinja campaign. He urged the ordinary voters to emulate him by either rejecting the money or chew it but still vote Mwiru back to Parliament. To show his commitment for what he repeatedly called “the bigger picture of things,” Bobi Wine told the cheerful crowd that: “I’m the one who took the initiative and rang Hon. Paul Mwiru. He didn’t call or invite me here. I think he didn’t even have my number. I called him and said I’m Bobi Wine here. I told him I want to join the campaign and he must have been surprised but that is where we have reached.

This is a struggle to liberate our country and it’s bigger than all of us the individual actors.” He told voters that of all the seven contestants, Mwiru has the best credentials the struggle requires at the stage where it has reached. Besides Bobi Wine, other opposition heavyweights that graced the Saturday rally included Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, LoP Winnie Kiiza, Betty Nambooze, Moses Kasibante, Gen Mugisha Muntu, Joseph Sewungu, Angeline Osege, Lulume Bayiga and others. To comment on this & other Mulengera news stories, reach us on 0703164755!

Mwiru supporters energetically cheer at the Saturday rally (all photos by Wasswa Balunywa Jr)


Bobi Wine with the Uganda flag enjoying himself in a long procession with Mwiru supporters


Bobi Wine seated with other leaders at the Mwiru campaign rally



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