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By Mulengera Reporters

This news website has obtained exclusive information showing how being a proud member of the shadowy Stingy Men’s Association (SMA) caused misunderstandings between rtd CoU Archbishop Stanley Ntagali and his side-dish Judith Tukamuhabwa.

That Judith, who multiple sources described as a go-getter who is fan-loving, demanded that Ntagali gives her money to hire a swanky apartment in Kampala so that she becomes a renowned money-chopping celebrity and party animal in Kampala, something the cautious man of God declined saying it would lead to his cover being blown. Judith was unrelenting often threatening to scandalise Ntagali by publishing his nudes while committing sex acts on her on social media.

Things only escalated later, sometime last year, when Judith gave birth and the disgusted man of God refused to provide adequate upkeep for both mother and baby. This angered Judith who rightly argued it was unfair for the Archbishop to continue giving her same upkeep as was the case before the kid came into the picture. She involved some of the Archbishop’s friends, something 67-year-old Ntagali (already married to Beatrice Abwoli with 5 kids) didn’t like. He was angry as to why the flamboyant side-dish was involving other people in their “mild” disagreements.

He resorted to not taking her phone calls and whenever he would pick, on rare occasions, the unrepentant member of SMA would bark at her. Alternatively, she suggested that Ntagali avails her some Lumpsum cash to recapitalize and expand her boutique business in Mbarara but the Archbishop still declined saying he didn’t have such money to waste on a mere side-dish. It was then that Judith looked for the new Archbishop Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu who had taken over from Ntagali.

She revealed to an astonished Kazimba how she first approached Ntagali for some marriage counseling after developing sharp disagreements with her official husband Rev Christopher Tugumehabwe but the warm-blooded prelate took advantage of the situation offering to personally mend her broken heart: directly without involving any intermediaries. She assured Kazimba she was so frustrated and was considering going public to crack up Ntagali’s stubbornness and indifference. She said as a practicing Christian, she wouldn’t like causing such humiliation to the body of Christ though Ntagali’s indifference was increasingly pushing her in that direction.

Being a legalistic man of God always prepared to implement what the relevant church rules and procedures say, Kazimba referred to Provincial Canons (of 1997 later revised in 2018) which govern the clerics’ conduct. He took his time to verify the claims and once satisfied, the very uncompromising Kazimba referred the matter to the Provincial Tribunal which undertakes disciplinary procedures once the morally very repugnant complaint being raised involves a high level cleric.

After gathering enough info and interacting with the very unrepentant and attention-seeking Judith, the Tribunal members summoned Ntagali who broke down during interrogation before confessing to severally sleeping with Judith Tukamuhabwa who he knew very well was a married woman.

The Tribunal recommended excommunicating Ntagali from performing any priestly duties and that exactly is what Kazimba communicated in his last Wednesday 13th January letter blocking his predecessor from conducting any CoU business including administering sacraments anywhere in the Province of CoU.

As the Tribunal processes went on, Ntagali’s close friends and some CoU elders learnt of Judith’s decision to escalate things to Kazimba who they never expected to move very swiftly. They believed Kazimba would reflect on broader reputational problems and handle the matter quietly while ensuring total cover up.

They spoke to Judith in the 2nd week of December 2020 offering to satisfy all her financial demands on behalf of Ntagali so that she keeps quiet and refrain from bringing the ex-Archbishop’s name into total disrepute. Their offer included monthly upkeep in millions and recapitalization and expansion of her struggling boutique business in Mbarara.

As they prepared to deliver on the agreed deal, they learnt of the extent to which Kazimba had escalated things including writing to all subordinate bishops and GAFCON which globally unites all Anglican Bishops especially those opposed to gay and same sex marriages. It was too late and that’s how the stingy man of God Ntagali burnt his fingers and lost an opportunity to save himself off this very damaging sex scandal.

There are also some basic new details Mulengera News has established about trouble-causer Judith Tukamuhabwa. That before becoming wife to the ill-fated Rev Christopher Tugumehabwe, who wedded her on 15th December 2018 at St. Peter’s Cathedral Rugarama in Kabale, Judith had been wife to Isaac Akamutuha who left her to take care of their family and two kids as he went for Kyeyo in Abu Dhabi/Dubai. Rev Tugumehabwe was an old friend who took her up following the death of his first wife.

At some point, it was hoped that Tugumehabwe would accept being the father of Judith’s youngest child but he successfully denied being the baby’s father while insisting he hadn’t been sleeping with her during the time that (subsequently Ntagali) pregnancy cropped up. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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