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In a defiant act clearly aimed at mocking UPC factional leader Jimmy Akena, UPC rebel President Joseph Bbosa has announced the appointment of Senior City lawyer Peter Walubiri as new vice president for UPC. In an instrument dated 21st January 2018, Bbosa says Walubiri is being elevated from the position of Party treasurer general to which he was appointed earlier by former President Olara Otunnu. UPC Secretary General Fr Jacinto Ogwal says Walubiri’s appointment is well merited because of his long dedicated service to the party. He says through the risky 1990s when parties were banned, former party President Obote saw Walubiri’s potential and gave him numerous assignments in Party Representative Council (PRC), Presidential Policy Commission (PPC) and CSC where he served with distinction. And on return to multipartism in 2005/6, Walubiri was appointed SG by then Party President Miria Kalule Obote. All this shows he is a congressman of well-solified credentials. Jacinto and Bbosa say Walubiri’s appointment is temporary meant to end as soon as the party holds its much delayed delegates conference to elect new party president. Bbosa has been the other factional UPC leader co-existing side by side with State-backed Akena. Bbosa took charge after Olara Otunnu took early retirement in June 2016 and Akena, backed by the security forces, has since been operating a much disputed Presidency at Uganda House where members of the Bbosa faction can’t dare step fearing to be assaulted by a group of Akena’s bouncers led by a one Orach Osinde.

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