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Fallen Goodlyfe singer Mowzey Radio died by the very same sword by which he lived. He always craved chaos and many times provoked others into fights including on Monday January 22nd when he had his very last confrontation at De Bar in Entebbe where the bouncers overpowered him in a fight. This was after he poured booze on fellow bar goers after quarrelling with bar Manager George Egesa. He was badly injured in the brain resulting into his death at Case Hospital.

But Radio wasn’t going to war for the first time. In this article, we briefly reflect on some of the fights he indulged himself in. Late last year Benon Kibuuka’s young brother Edward Sendi, through his Save Ugandan Music pressure group, organized a consultative meeting at Centenary Park to devise ways how challenges posed by Nigerian music can be overcome. Many musicians attended including those who attacked Sendi that his brother Kibuuka’s UPRS was partly responsible for their misery and unhappiness.

Radio jumped onto the podium and violently grabbed the microphone from Sendi. He accused him of spewing nonsense and for being a failure in life. Radio also a few years ago became uncomfortable with long serving Goodlyfe Manager and showbiz pundit Jeff Kiwa saying he was exploiting them by taking too much of the proceeds from their concerts.

He overruled his partner Weasle and chased Jeff Kiwa, the man they started with since falling out with Chameleone almost 10 years ago. In May last year, Radio joined mourners at Ivan Semwanga’s vigil in Muyenga where, without any provocation, he grabbed a master laptop (belonging to Royal Sounds) and violently threw it on the ground and breaking it in the process. Prior to his death, he hadn’t yet compensated the owner. The debt still hovered over his head.

He had serious feud with guys of Team No Sleep many of whose members previously sheltered at his Goodlyfe. He blamed them for originating the social media rumor that Lillian Mbabazi’s child was fathered by someone else and not Radio himself. In January 2014, Radio fought with Khalifa Aganaga over rumors that the Goodlyfe duo was using producer Nash Wonder of Monster Records to plagiarise Khalifa’s songs.The dispute majorly was on hit song Amaaso. The fight took place at Casablanca bar in Kololo and Radio was even jailed at Jinja road for the violence occasioned on Khalifa Aganaga. Then there was another war Radio participated in by proxy with the Chameleon family after his young brother Frank reported an assault case against the late AK47, Chameleone’s brother. It was later claimed Radio’s real target was getting to Chameleone.

In March 2011, Radio had a serious war with Eddy Kenzo over the proprietorship of another song entitled Talk & Talk. There were plagiarism allegations and Kenzo revenged by releasing a hit titled Mundeke Numbe. In 2010 earlier on, Radio and Weasel had released their hit Sitaani that was widely interpreted to be an attack on Chameleone. As they promoted the song, the carried out a campaign to incite especially younger musicians against Chameleone whom they accused of always cursing young upcoming artistes to stunt their music careers. Police had to intervene to halt this mobilization against Chameleone on grounds it was illegal.

In the late 2009, Radio personally had a very big war with Bebe Cool over the exclusive rights on Zuena. She had fallen out (so we were told) with Bebe and even returned to Jinja in Busoga where they both hail from with Radio. The rumor was that all this time, she was secretly seeing Radio behind Bebe’s back. Maybe it was or wasn’t true but Radio behaved in a way that encouraged this rumor creating an impression it was true. The Goodlyfe duo even composed a hit song Zuena to clearly mock poor man Bebe.



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