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By Mulengera Reporters 

Governance activist Dr. Miria Matembe has predicted a bleak future for outgoing DP President Norbert Mao who she says shouldn’t have accepted becoming Minister in Gen Museveni‘s Cabinet. Matembe, who began mentoring Mao in the early 1990s when he was Guild President at Makerere University, says it’s such a blunder because Mao’s good intentions won’t amount to anything much inside Gen Museveni’s government.

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That the system has become so decadent whoever tries changing it from inside will end up being infected with autocratic values. Matembe, who tried asserting herself when still inside the system only to be forced out under very dramatic circumstances, says there is no way the Mao she knows will ever have any good time or honeymoon inside the NRM. Follow the Link for video details

Saying Mao is too good for a decadent political organization like NRM, Matembe said there is no way Gen Museveni will allow the DP leader to have any impact inside the veteran leader from Rwakaikara‘s government. She predicts that Mao will end up in total disgrace which he will naturally manage by announcing his resignation.

She says she can’t imagine the Mao she knows being directed to go and defend certain decadent things which have become part of the modus operandus under Gen Museveni‘s government. That the very anti-people assignments that Gen Museveni will keep giving him from time to time, including being required to go on TV and defend the indefensible, will push Mao into abdicating his position and resigning from the NRM Cabinet.

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In an exclusive Saturday interview with Mulengera News, Matembe said the only way the disputed DP President will have peace inside Gen Museveni‘s Cabinet is by changing to abandon his pro-people strong views and agree to play along and have his conscience captured as it has happened with many former Museveni critics. “Otherwise there is no way he can insist on remaining the Mao I have always known without quickly resigning and jumping out of President Museveni‘s Cabinet,” Matembe explained moments after participating in the requiem mass of elder Lillian Birungi Rwakaikara who died at 96. This was at St. Luke’s Church Ntinda.

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She also explained that the Ministerial posting of Mao, who she knows some members of the deep state have always wanted to capture and make Vice President the day Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba becomes President of Uganda, also proves that the famous MK Project is real, in high gear and beginning to take shape.

Matembe also said she regrets dismissing Mao’s opposition colleagues who have always hinted on the DP boss being a 5th columnist or mole planted by members of the deep state to keep derailing regime change efforts. “I always dismissed such people but I can now see this man was always like Beti Kamya,” said Matembe adding that she generally considers Mao competent for the position of the Justice & Constitutional Affairs Minister and she wishes him well. Follow the Link for video details:

She said that, her working environment-related reservations aside, Mao is simply the very best any President would make Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs at this point in time when Uganda has a fatally fractured Constitution that needs urgent fixing. All said and done, she remains doubtful Gen Museveni will ever allow his new Minister any independence to do what is right for the country. (For comments on this story, get back to us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734 & 0200900416 or email us at




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