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By Joel Mugabi

Parliament has today granted workers’ representative Margaret Rwabushaija leave to introduce a private member’s bill titled The Markets Bill 2021.

During today’s plenary, Rwabushaija explained that the Markets Bill 2021 she will soon table before Parliament seeks to repeal and replace the Markets Act Cap 94 and will provide a comprehensive legal framework that is well aligned to the legal and economic reforms that have evolved over time.

MP Rwabushaija also noted that the new law will go a long way in strengthening the regulation, management and administration of markets.

Charles Bakkabulindi, another MP representing workers, emphasized that while MPs played a big role in the country’s economy, there was need to regulate them.

“With this law we are talking about markets in the whole country, none of us here can say that markets are not contributing to the wellbeing of our people; they are contributing a lot to the economy, but they need to be guided and regulated,” said Bakabulindi.

This is not the first time Rwabushaija is attempting to table the Markets Bill before Parliament: she had tried to do so in the 10th Parliament.

The legislator argued that the current Markets Act Cap 94 was enacted in 1942, by the Legislative Council (Legco), the Legislative arm of the colonial Government whose aim was to champion the interests of the colonial masters then.

“Uganda being a sovereign state, has undertaken a lot of economic reforms, both in structural and legal reforms. Most state enterprises were privatised in the 1990’s and the economy was virtually left in the hands of the private sector players,” argued Rwabushaija in her draft bill then.

“Whereas article 237 of the Constitution places the primary factor of production-land in the hands of the citizens of Uganda and whereas article 40 (2) provides that every person in Uganda has a right to practice his or her profession and to carry/ on lawful occupation, trade or business; the Markets Act places the vital question of ownership solely in the hands of local, central Government.”(For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us





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