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By Mulengera Reporter

The lady in our featured photos is called Winnie Kiiza of ANT party led by Gen Mugisha Muntu. She also famously served as LoP. Yet having bowed out of the Kasese district Woman reelection bid, Kiiza who is relatively still young faces a fairly uncertain future politically speaking.

It’s against this background that NRM leader Gen YK Museveni is considering prizing her with the EALA slot which Suzan Nakawuki has been holding on behalf of Independents in Parliament.

The condition on table is that Kiiza must accept to abandon ANT and offer herself for the EALA job on the independent ticket. From DP is Gerald Siranda and Babirye Kabanda who equally desire the M7 endorsement to replace their party VP Mukasa Mbidde at EALA. But reliable sources tell Mulengera News that Gen M7 is strictly considering giving the two EALA positions meant for opposition to UPC to reward the party for its consistent loyalty to him as an individual.

This means FDC and NUP should just prepare to lick their political wounds because the man from Rwakitura is determined to humiliate them during the EALA polls destined for December this year. For the NUP, they are to be punished for their hardline stance and rigidly regarding recognizing Gen Museveni’s reelection as legitimate.

Lucky Winnie Kiiza stands high chance because some NRM heavyweights close to Gen M7 are already marketing her quietly as the person who must replace Suzan Nakawuki at EALA as the independent MP for next five or even 10 years. DP will equally not get anything because Gen Museveni is angry its leaders Norbert Mao and GW Kagimu declined his offer to serve as Prime Minister and State Minister for local government respectively.

In all their discussions with Gen Salim Saleh, who was Gen Museveni’s emissary, the two DP leaders consistently said no asserting that they were fearful of the negative publicity their acceptance would bring for DP, a party Mao has led for the last 11 years as President General. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at 




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