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By Mulengera Reporters

We now know officially who the top bosses in Bobi Wine’s NUP party are and it’s a listing of great surprises. You do not have a Medard Segona, a Muwanga Kivumbi, a JB Nambeshe, a Patrick Nsamba Orishabe nor a Joseph Sewungu. Some of the other big-name politicians one would ordinarily have expected on the list would include experienced political actors like Lulume Bayiga, Walter Lubega Mukaku, Michael Mabikke, Abed Bwanika, Florence Namayanja, Alex Waisswa Mufumbiro, Moses Bigirwa, Suleiman Kidandala, Latif Sebaggala and others. All of them have loyally been for Kyagulanyi yet none of them is on the list of the dully registered executive NUP members that was secretly tendered by Bobi Wine himself to the EC.

The list of the certified pioneer party executive leaders for NUP has exclusively been showed to Mulengera News by Justice Simon Byabakama whose EC regulates operations of political parties. And the list includes Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu (Party President) and David Lewis Rubangoya (Secretary General). These are the most important positions in a political party and having a Rubangoya as SG placates Bobi Wine against accusations of ethnicity and sectarianism all aimed at alienating his political movement from non-Baganda voters.

The other NUP executive committee leaders (as registered by the EC) include Fred Nyanzi Sentamu (Secretary Mobilization), Flavia Kalule Nabagabe (Secretary Women Affairs), Aisha Kabanda Nalule (Deputy SG), Joel Senyonyi (National Publicity Secretary) and Paul Ssimbwa Kagombe (Senior Administrative Secretary). This Ssimbwa Kagombe used to be the Secretary General under Moses Nkonge Kibalama (the non-repentant Musevenist who has been party president since its inception in 2004).

Justice Byabakama says the above are the names of the national leaders for the NUP party as were submitted to him by the top leadership of the party as having been elected during the party’s delegate’s conference last month at Kakiri Gardens Hotel. Being omitted on this extremely very important list of top leaders and decision makers in the Kyagulanyi political movement exposes the Segonas to the risk of being perceived as political demagogues whose importance has all along been exaggerated in the Kyagulanyi scheme of things.


But an extensive news report in the Observer newspaper gives insights into why the man from Magere could have found it prudent to leave them out. First of all, the Observer story indicates majority of them knew of the NUP party formation hours to its launching ceremony of Wednesday 22nd July. The same story indicates that Kyagulanyi became lukewarm towards some of them after realizing they have a very low opinion of him as a person yet they desperately want to ride on his momentum to secure reelection.

That majority DP leaders wanted to trick Kyagulanyi into going for the Presidency without having any say in the lower level positions especially MPs and local councils, a position he flatly rejected. That there were efforts to push him to sign up to the DP Bloc alliance committing himself to run for President without fronting any MP candidates to contradict those fronted by DP Bloc. This would simply mean after losing to Gen Museveni, as he is certainly going to, Kyagulanyi would have diminished political relevance in the post-2021 Uganda hence his decision to have his own party so that he is able to have firm control on those who will win and get elected under his political movement.

The same newspaper story further indicates that some of the above long-serving opposition figures have always quietly faulted Kyagulanyi for disrespecting them whereby he always comes with political non-entities like Nubian Li for meetings meant to discuss serious political strategy to actualize Mission 2021. The newspaper story indicates that one of the DP MPs has openly been protesting being humiliated each time he goes to meet Kyagulanyi who deliberately never keeps time. That the MP has always been discomforted being ordered by Bobi’s assistants to stand up as a show of respect when the PP/NUP Principal finally walks into the meeting room. The aides make things even more complicated by carrying a special chair for Bobi Wine as if he is President Museveni or Kabaka of Buganda. That having invested in his own intelligence, Kyagulanyi too has firsthand information how majority of these seasoned DP politicians have a very low opinion of him.

They fault him of many other things including over trusting Lewis Rubangoya and chief Legal Advisor Benjamin Katana. They are discontented with Kyagulanyi over trusting Rubangoya whose political history in the opposition struggle isn’t that much known beyond the fact that he was Kyagulanyi’s Constitutional Law lecturer at Cavendish University before he dropped out of the course. Like we reported last week, the emergency of Jose Chameleon as a national political mobilizer also made Kyagulanyi nervous and apprehensive towards some of the seasoned politicians from DP (

That during the DP reunion days, Kyagulanyi became suspicious with DP organizers who were equally paranoid towards him. They saw his coming late always as calculated to steal the shine from everyone at the event yet Mao kept protesting this unacceptable indiscipline because money to meet the logistical requirements of the meetings always came from DP and never from Kyagulanyi who also felt the organizers were using him to attract crowds besides using him to antagonize his original mentor and role model Dr. Kiiza Besigye.

The Observer story further shows that Kyagulanyi always felt mistreated and cheated being restricted to speak for a few minutes towards the end of the reunion events. At the Jinja reunion, mistrust only grew when Mao generously introduced Chameleon who many saw as having potential to politically overshadow and neutralize Kyagulanyi (being an even bigger musical celebrity besides being Muganda Catholic just like Kyagulanyi).

Sources say that with the EC insisting NUP can’t use the red color, in which a lot of marketing time had already been invested, the seasoned politicians from DP are growing more cautious towards the Kyagulanyi political movement whose tide Mao intends to counter by giving the DP flag to some of the repentant renegades like Sewungu, Florence Namayanja and others should they show remorse and bow to his authority once again. It’s the likes of Mathias Mpuuga (not standing much chance getting the DP flag ahead of Mukasa Mbidde) that are unlikely to eat a humble pie and tactfully bow to Norbert Mao in order to overcome the Kyagulanyi uncertainty. Some of the Kyagulanyi supporters also accuse the DP seasoned politicians of not doing enough to ensure Kyagulanyi floors Gen Museveni because they are complacent about anyone ever defeating Museveni yet they want to ride on Bobi’s back to secure reelection. This is the point Rubaga North’s James Mubiru, a key Kyagulanyi strategist, has been making.

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