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By Mulengera Reporters

Long-serving Sembabule woman MP Anifa Kawooya risks political humiliation in 2021 for reasons Mulengera News will disclose in this article. The outgoing Sembabule woman MP, having defied her mentor Sam Kutesa who urged her to retire, opted to go for Joseph Sekabito’s Mawogola South come 2021.

Kawooya, who long gave up on ever becoming Minister in Museveni’s government, calculates that the best she can do is keep her PAP position as one of the MPs representing Uganda in the African Parliament. From PAP, Kawooya (just like Ogenga Latigo and Jacqueline Amongin) is making some good money without necessarily having to do much work and the dimes come in dollars.

Much as Mawogola South is one where SK doesn’t have much influence, because of its ethnic composition, Mulengera News research shows that Kawooya still doesn’t stand much chance against Sekabito who SK still backs (at least financially in absence of serious influence on the voters).

Being near Masaka, Mawogola South has a lot of opposition sentiments to the extent that in 2016 Kizza Besigye beat Museveni at many polling stations. The constituency has Baganda Catholics being the majority and it’s fairly urbane making it a hotbed for anti-establishment political sentiments.

It’s not one area where NRM has clear majority. It’s a 50-50 situation where majority young people openly demand for regime change, leaving mostly the elderly to stick to Museveni and his NRM. This simply means that Kawooya, who the youth resent for being a hardline Museveni supporter and one whose Matete home isn’t easily accessible, won’t stand much chance even if Sekabito was to be rigged out of the NRM primaries.

Yet to get the votes of people outside NRM, one needs to be a moderate NRM politician which Anifa Kawooya isn’t. In contrast, a moderate like Sekabito might (in the absence of strong opposition contenders) stand some good chance at galvanizing support of the young people who generally remain anti-establishment. Having reflected on this reality, influential NRM elders in the area during the Christmas recess drove to Kawooya’s heavily fortified residence in Matete trading center and urged her to reconsider her decision to plunge into Mawogola South, something they fear might result into her career ending on a very sad note. They advised that she reclaims her Woman MP but she refused obviously fearing to be confronted by the Kutesa influence which is more felt elsewhere in Sembabule than in Mawogola South.


In a related development, Patrick Nkalubo who both Kutesa and Sekikubo are backing for LC5 Chairmanship has continued remaining in the lead. Firstly, with Sekikubo buying in, the Rwemiyaga home turf is solidly behind Nkalubo who these days lives there as a farmer. In Kutesa’s Mawogola North, home to about 30% of the entire Sembabule electorate, Nkalubo is equally doing well because he is a Kutesa favorite.

In Mawogola South, his Ganda co-ethnics are the majority and the young people generally have sympathy towards him because of the many times he has been standing and badly losing to Sekikubo. Godfrey Bitakaramire, who is backed by MP Sekabito, is a mere former councilor who doesn’t stand much chance. Incumbent Elly Muhumuza too is a politician in decline and will certainly lose having lost the Kutesa blessing. He has been mired in land disputes in ways his own electors considered depriving and also suffers the political fatigue voters always direct towards long-serving incumbents. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755 or email us at



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