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By Mulengera Reporter

Samuel George Wanjiru, a senior citizen and alumnus of Makerere University, has penned a letter to President Yoweri Museveni asking him to crack the whip on several officials he believes have been involved in ripping off the academic institution of billions of Shillings, saying these are the same people who could have engineered the fire that gutted the Main Building at the weekend.



In a four-page missive to the President, Wanjiru lifts the lid on acts by the ‘mafia’ at the country’s largest and oldest university, punching holes into claims Vice Chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe made about the source of the fire, loss of documents and a rebuilding plan, among other things.

He says that Nawangwe’s swiftness at attributing the inferno to a short circuit, and expression of readiness to reconstruct the Main Building could be telling of a huge plan to divert investigators and stakeholders keen on finding out the cause of the fire. He says that he is certain that fire wasn’t sparked off by a short circuit in the PR Office but began in the Bursar’s office. He also tells Museveni that Nawangwe’s highhandedness against staff and students could have made some aggrieved people set the Main Building on fire and these people could still do the same if the structure was reconstructed – provided Nawangwe’s iron fist prevailed over a disgruntled university community.

He also says that Nawangwe’s claims that most of the institution’s documents were digitalized is false. He notes that the fire at the Main Building, which housed the Council Room, Office of the Staff Tribunal, Makerere University Administration offices of the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor Finance and Administration, Office of the University Secretary, Bursar’s Office, Directorate of Human Resources, Directorate of Internal Audit and Public Relations Office, the University Printery and the Archives, has left documents of historical, strategic and operational nature in ashes.

He listed some of the documents lost in the inferno in these offices. Documents of strategic nature housed in University Secretary’s Office included: The University Seal, Council Minutes, Council Committee Minutes, University Policies, Land Titles, Asset Register, Memorandum of Understandings with other agencies and donors, Council and Management Reports, and Files of cases of staff appeals to the Tribunal, to mention among others. Human resources documents lost were Appointments Board Proceedings and Minutes – Recruitments, Promotions, Staff development, Staff Appraisals, Staff welfare, Staff personnel files. The whole central registry where staff files with contracts, staff retirement information are secured was gutted. Documents lost in Bursar’s Office are Final Accounts, Quarterly Reports, Payment Vouchers and all their supporting documents, documents registration books – tracking books for tracing movement of documents, Local Purchase Orders, Journals, Cashbooks, among the key documents. Documents lost in Internal Audit; Audit Reports, Audit work plans, Audit working papers, External Audit Reports.

“The narrative by Prof, Nawangwe that all documents were “digitized” is a total lie aimed at hoodwinking the public. I challenge-liar Nawangwe to produce a report from any Department Head confirming his digitization assertion with details of the digitized documents and which servers the information is hosted with backups. A few staff files from the Central Registry are the only ones digitized, and these constitute less than 50% of the staff files lost,” writes Wanjiru.


The evidence lost as these documents went up in flames, he argues, would be vital in probes into loss of billions.

According to Wanjiru, a cabal responsible for the rot at Makerere University, could have plotted the fire outbreak as a way “to kill evidence of various accountability calls of both financial and management improprieties.” He lists members of the mafia gang and implores the president to use his position as a Visitor to have them investigated.

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