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By Mulengera Reporters

 In her three page petition, Barbra Nantume a resident of Kazo Bwaise in Kawempe, demands that the IGG Irene Mulyagonja becomes interested in investigating sex scandals at KCCA headquarters and ensure the rampaging sexpests using their positions to feast on people’s daughters are severely sanctioned. The same was initially reported to the MPs especially those sitting on the relevant committees of Parliament charged with playing direct oversight role on KCCA technical wing. Ironically, on getting the whistle blower petitions, some of the MPs used the information contained therein to frighten influential KCCA officials implicated in the sex syndicate to financially gratify them on top of lobbying jobs for their cronies. This left the whistle blower feeling betrayed and resorted to directing the same petition to the IGG Irene Mulyagonja whose operations were unfortunately halted as part of the President’s COVI19 lockdown (as one of the non-essential offices) before investigations into the KCCA sex bonanza could commence.

The whistle blower has also since volunteered the same information, contained in the same dossier, to the bosses of Public Service Commission who are supposed to very soon be determining the fate of some of the sexually very cantankerous bosses at City Hall following mass expiration of contracts effective next month of June. The whistle blower contends that one of the big men whose contract fate PSC will soon be determining has been legendary when it comes to sexually exploiting his subordinates. That in his previous position, the randy technocrat caused war among 6 female staffers that worked as assistants in his office. That the hunky official is chewing many other fellow senior employees at KCCA, including married women, in what he keeps encouraging others to do while arguing “it’s departmental integration that is good because it ultimately leads to enhanced efficiency in service delivery for the benefit of city residents.”

That the war amongst the 6 female staffers, who became envious of each other on realizing their sexually insatiable boss was feasting on all of them, reached Jennifer Musisi Semakula when she was still ED KCC and she took some steps but it was too late for Mr. Randy Man to redeem his image. That today subordinates in the various KCCA directorates don’t respect him at all because his sex exploits have seen him ask out almost every female thing in the last so many years of working at KCCA.

“This is someone who has no class because, despite the high managerial position he occupies, he will ask out anything female even if it’s a cleaner or even messengers and tea girls in the building. It’s sickening. It’s too much,” says a concerned insider adding the same gentleman has lately been pushing out with a female staff involved in land matters at City Hall.

The whistle blower references on the predicament of a one PN, a married lady, with whom Mr. Randy Man sired a child attracting extreme anger of Musisi who was then ED. Being the tough woman she was, Musisi ruthlessly intervened administratively by moving PN to another directorate while plotting Mr. Randy Man’s demotion. Before she effected the demotion, seeking and getting the necessary approvals and buy ins from other key actors, Musisi ceased being ED KCCA and her successor the decent Eng Kitaka hasn’t been as ruthless when it comes to cracking the whip on such perverts because he is a soft man who likes minding his own business while letting other people do as they please (after all they are all consenting adults above 18). Subsequently, KCCA employees and stakeholders have had to adjust while accepting to painfully live and co-exist with many very exploitative sex perverts in their midst.

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