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By Mulengera Reporters
On Saturday minutes after 11pm, Gen Mugisha Muntu & Bobi Wine walked into Serena Hotel section together. They walked straight to a quiet corner of Pearl of Africa restaurant. Moments later, highly opinionated NTV news anchor Joel Senyonyi joined them. Its always a busy restaurant but the trio chose to converge there at a time when most patrons had retired to their beds so as to have a quiet atmosphere for their discussion. Moments later, about 6 other people joined them and the discussion began in earnest.  Gen Muntu, who seemed to be the one chairing the meeting, did most of the talking and his points were occasionally elaborated upon by Bobi Wine and Joel Senyonyi who seemed to play more less a consultant’s role throughout the meeting. The meeting went on up to towards 2am when they dispersed. Our snoops at the hotel couldn’t readily establish what they discussed but it most likely had to do with a potential political merger between Gen Muntu’s FDC faction and Mr. Wine’s pressure group called People Power Movement. Whereas he still works at NTV where insiders say his employers are becoming concerned with his visibility in the anti-M7 political activities, Senyonyi has lately not disguised his readiness to politically partner with the Kyaddondo East MP. Last Thursday he was dispatched by lawyer Asuman Basalirwa to drive to Entebbe Airport with Nubian Li to drive Bobi to Kampala. This was after Eddie Yawe, who initially was to drive Bobi, got arrested on his way to Entebbe. It was expected police would relent and let Bobi have a procession to Kampala which never happened. Senyonyi was instead arrested along with Nubian Li as they drove into Entebbe town. Earlier on Senyonyi had joined Mr. Wine to stage a demonstration against the introduction of OTT tax on the streets of Kampala. Those who know him say that Senyonyi, who the NTV management is under increasing pressure to fire from anchoring news on the account of his partisan hostility to M7 government, in 2011 attempted to become the central region youth MP on the FDC ticket and was unveiled before reporters at Najjanankumbi by then party publicist Wafula Oguttu. He as expected lost and yet he had earlier on lost his job at UBC where he started out as a controversial talk show host. He later on joined NTV as a news anchor. Even at NTV many at State House continued perceiving him as an opposition-leaning employee. Work colleagues at Serena say Senyonyi is seemingly prepared to be fired so that he goes full time into the PPM politics as he also finishes his law course at Makerere. He could be eyeing a certain constituency come 2021. Senyonyi has also previously done some work with Power FM which is owned by Watoto Church.



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