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By Mulengera Reporters

A group of lawyers, led by Friday Kagoro, have moved High Court Judge Elizabeth Kabanda to order for the arrest of fellow city lawyer Deox Tibeingana.

The flamboyant city lawyer Tibeingana, renowned for owning the swanky Rivonia Suites in Mbuya near the Nakawa High Court, is in trouble after failing to repay the loan he took from a group of Indians led by Vijay Reddy and operating under Visare Uganda Ltd.

Contracted on 31st October 2013, the loan was meant to enable Tibeingana to construct apartments for resale in a manner that would make him compete with the likes of National Housing and tycoon Basajjabalaba who has his similar apartments in Bwebajja along Entebbe road. But things didn’t go well for Tibeingana resulting into defaulting on loan obligations after Ugandans failed or refused to buy the apartments on grounds they were too expensive.

The ruthless Indians, mostly operating at Raja Chambers on Parliamentary Avenue, now want their money saying they are tired of Tibeingana’s endless promises that are never fulfilled. That he had initially asked for three weeks which expired on 19th February 2020. When he failed to raise the money, the troubled Tibeingana became incommunicado.

Then at the prompting of the Indians creditors, Execution & Bailifs Division of the High Court through Deo Nzeimana issued an arrest warrant for Tibeingana which police operatives executed by trailing and harvesting Tibeingana from one of the hideous salons downtown. He was then caged at CPS where he wailed like a kid begging for mercy and calling on the ruthless operatives not to parade him before journalists during Patrick Onyango’s weekly press conference. He was released on police bond after pleading compassionate grounds.

It’s against this background that the restless Indians turned to Justice Elizabeth Kabanda who has sanctioned Tibeingana’s imprisonment in Luzira where he will soon be sent because the Indians have contracted a number of city Bailifs to ruthlessly grab him on first sighting. It’s a development in which city tycoon Godfrey Kirumira will be very much interested having previously had serious wars with Tibeingana over money lending and property disputes.

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