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By Mulengera Reporters

Mike Mabikke, who was rejected by NUP’s Elections Management Committee (EMC) for the Makindye East flag bearer slot in favor of 28-year-old Derrick Nyeko, has this Saturday morning vowed to stand up to SG David Lewis Rubongoya who he says doesn’t mean well for what they started as People Power revolution some three years ago. Appearing with Betty Nambooze (who subsequently used her social media space to commend Top Radio for giving her a platform at a time old media allies had turned their back on her), Mabikke said he was worried the well-meaning Kyagulanyi was failing to prevail and ensure the right decisions are made because he is increasingly being shielded/captured by the likes of Rubongoya and people in the Mercy Walukamba-led EMC. He said some of these are “wolves in sheep’ skin.” The 8-10am Luganda program on 89.6fm Top Radio was ably moderated by Adam Kungu who many callers saluted for raising the profile of the Negwozadde program by hosting such big-name politicians.



Mabikke claimed there is no way members of the EMC, who he said are solely responsible for all the imprudent flag bearer decisions, can purport to be meaning well and serving interests of Kyagulanyi or even NUP. Saying Rubongoya (who Kato Lubwama equally bashed on NBS’ UNCUT the previous evening) had become too powerful, Mabikke implied that the EMC had become a tool the SG arbitrarily uses to overcome big-name politicians he isn’t comfortable having around Kyagulanyi. Mabikke, who previously told some fellow rejects in a private meeting that Rubongoya is doing all this deliberately to ferment resentment and neutralize the Kyagulanyi momentum, listed those the SG specifically targeted (in favor of weaklings) to include Sam Lubega Mukaku, Kenneth Paul Kakande, Suleiman Kidandala and others.

Saying he was sure Kyagulanyi would win the 2021 elections and become the 10th President of Uganda, Mabikke claimed it was Rubongoya’s wish to have NUP produce a lame duck President who wouldn’t have a strong parliament from which to choose his Ministers. He claimed Rubongoya’s actions of fermenting confusion and alienating would-be strong NUP flag bearers will result into a situation similar to what popular Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago found himself faced with during his first term of 2011-2016.



“He was a Lord Mayor without councilors and that is how he was impeached and forced out of office. He had no numbers just like Dr. Besigye in 2016. He won that election but risked having just a 1/3 of the MPs in Parliament. That is dangerous because they can impeach you. Why do they want Kyagulanyi to end up like Tshekedi in DRC whereby he became President but is faced with a Parliament dominated by Kabila’s people?” Mabikke asserted. “This is why we are fighting on because we don’t want our President Kyagulanyi to find himself in the same situation.”

Saying “it’s not good to just concentrate on the Presidency without paying adequate attention to the legislature,” Mabikke said this for long was his point of departure with Dr. Besigye, a man with whom he had a close political relationship up to 2011 when they fell out after Mabikke unsuccessfully tried to ride on the KB wave to become the pioneer Lord Mayor of Kampala.



Mabikke, who says he has been in the anti-Museveni struggle since his 2nd year at Makerere University, also claimed Kyagulanyi wouldn’t be faced with the Moses Nkonge Kibalama/NUP-related predicament he currently finds himself in if he hadn’t been over influenced by Rubongoya who persuaded him to refuse the offer of a political party Dr. Abed Bwanika and Mabikke had made. Saying what he was disclosing was just 20% of the anomalous decisions inside NUP,  Mabikke said that Kyagulanyi reached out and consulted them about NURP acquisition from Kibalama. “We warned the President that this Kibalama man can be very slippery. We told the President [Kyagulanyi] that let’s avoid Kibalama because he can potentially be a Museveni mole and we consider taking up either SDP or even PDP of Dr. Abed Bwanika. Rubongoya said everything was okay and that enough due diligence had been done. Now we are in all this uncertainty because of this same Rubongoya man,” said Mabikke whose omission on the NUP flag bearers’ list equally astonished Nambooze.

He claimed Derrick Nyeko, who was given the Makindye East flag to his detriment, is a well-decorated NRM cadre, a fact that is well known to Rubongoya and others closely involved in the EMC decision-making. “You can ask Makindye Mayor Mulyanyama under whose council that man serves as councilor. He has never denounced NRM up to this day,” Mabikke said adding that Nyeko has always been a key Museveni mobilizer in Makindye East leveraging on programs like YLP. He also confessed being less qualified for the NUP flag than some two other colleagues namely Kasangati/Nangabo Town Council Mayor Tony Sempebwa and Mukaku. “These two were the very first ones to embrace Kyagulanyi and were with him in Kyaddondo East campaigns before some of us came into the picture. You could have disappointed Mabikke but not those two because we all know they have done a lot for Kyagulanyi.”


Mabikke also accused Walukamba’s EMC of making Kyagulanyi seem a liar who doesn’t keep his word. He claimed there was a MoU that preceded their defection into NUP as DP Block. That one of the key areas was that the 11 MPs who joined under DP Block (including Nambooze) were to have their positions ring-fenced and that Principals like him and Bwanika were to equally be unopposed for the NUP flag. Nambooze, who eloquently defended Kyagulanyi against anger by the likes of Mabikke, said she wasn’t aware of the MoU between DP Block and the NUP Principal.

“Okay in case you don’t honor that, we agreed there must be primaries and that is logical and a must because that is why NUP has membership. Museveni is very dictatorial as we keep saying but even in NRM, flag bearers are elected and we can’t tolerate such dictatorship in our NUP in its infancy because whennyou read the memoirs of Besigye and Kazoora its clear even the Museveni dictatorship started like that right in the bush. We can’t just look on when our baby NUP is taking the same path in it’s formative years,” Mabikke vowed implying readiness to mount pressure to ensure trouble-causers like Rubongoya and Walukamba instead leave NUP. “We have put a lot of effort and sacrifice in this and there is no way we are going to abandon our man Kyagulanyi to be devoured by these wolves [he called them emisege gino].”

Mabikke also revealed that all the processes leading into the DP reunion meetings were aimed at rejuvenating DP (popularising Kyagulanyi) while making it more vibrant so that it becomes the political vehicle under which Kyagulanyi would run for President in 2021. “DP Block where I was a Principal was aimed at having a strong united DP for which Mao would remain Party President and Kyagulanyi becomes the flag bearer for Presidency. That was the plan and there is a lot we achieved and we don’t regret,” claimed Mabikke adding that many of these things had been put in writing only for Mao to renege on some of his earlier commitments, a thing that complicated everything constraining realization of all the prudent political plans they originally had.

The maverick politician also implied that not giving the NUP ticket to Rubaga North’s Moses Kasibante and Makindye Ssabagabo Municipality Emmanuel Sempala Kigozi Sajjalyabene amounted to repudiating the MoU Kyagulanyi executed with DP Block. He also implied there is no way Kyagulanyi can sustainably make much political progress without having the likes of Kakande, Mukaku, Kidandala and others in his midst. Such veterans of the anti-Museveni struggle are politically worth much more than a million Rubongoyas, he repeatedly implied.

After the same radio program, Nambooze (who denied being an opportunist and to her credit excelled defending the NUP Principal) took to her Facebook (MP Nambooze Bakireke Betty) and posted something which many perceived to be a veiled go at Buganda Kingdom-owned CBS radio whose presenters have lately not been very enthusiastic hosting her. “Sometimes when we get betrayed by those we trust, God comes in in a way and brings relief from those we least expected to stand with us. Mr. Kungu of Top Radio gave me an opening when I was locked at the door at a period in life when I wanted assistance more,” read part of her message. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at






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