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By Mulengera Reporters

Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu has this Saturday afternoon participated in a prayer event held at his Kamwokya headquarters to honor the memory of those who got shot and killed during the Wednesday/Thursday protests which left more than 50 Ugandans dead, larger numbers deeply wounded and (according to NUP publicist Joel Senyonyi) more than 500 activists jailed including Mohammed Segirinya. Kyagulanyi told the gathering at Kamwokya, where clerics preached and bashed police for the brutal handling of the protests, that relenting or relaxing on the struggle would amount to betraying those who got killed during the two day fracas as Ugandans protested his detention at Nalufenya. “We must fight on very assertively as before or else our fallen brothers and sisters will have died in vain,” he charged.

He read out names of some of the people who died and the townships where they were killed from as the crowd chorused “rest in peace.” Kyagulanyi also carried Prossy Abbo (widow to a one Kayondo who was shot and killed) and Wasswa Lubwama (twin brother to a one Kato Lubwama who was killed too). Whereas Abbo was overcome by emotions and failed to speak beyond revealing he left her with three children including one of 3 months, Wasswa spoke for a while claiming he was with his twin brother when he was shot even after raising his hands as a sign of surrender. “We escaped when we saw soldiers but unfortunately, the corridor we ran into was a closed place. We reached the dead end and couldn’t run back because soldiers were chasing after us. They shot him when I was seeing, became helpless and fell down. I cried and pleaded to them to help rush him to the hospital and they refused until he died,” he said moving many in the chanting crowd to tears.

Wasswa claimed he knows and can accurately identify the men who killed his brother and the unit they came from. On getting the microphone from him, Kyagulanyi proclaimed: “You now all know what happened and who killed our brother. These are crimes Gen Museveni isn’t going to run away from. The day of reckoning is coming and those men in uniform being used to kill their brothers and sisters will equally be accountable for these crimes against humanity.” NUP publicist Joel Senyonyi, who was the MC, had earlier on announced they had constituted a team of lawyers to investigate all human rights violations and have everything documented. “We are going to pursue this man up to the ICC and he will have nowhere to hide,” said Senyonyi.

In agreement with Senyonyi, Kyagulanyi subsequently said the torture and imprisonment of the past few days hadn’t broken their resolve to fight on until “the battle is over because if we relent, we would have betrayed the martyrs who lost their life this week.” He vowed to carry on to ensure the more than 50 Ugandans who died don’t die in vain. But Kyagulanyi also warned Gen Museveni to reflect on this week’s events “because violence will only breed more violence.” The man from Magere, who said the imprisonment hadn’t demoralized his swag as yet, also implored Gen Museveni to reflect and re-read his Bible and realize that the God he and his family members claim to profess can’t be pleased with the violence his men unleashed on innocent Ugandans. He called on his supporters to be firm and assertive without allowing to be provoked into acting violently “because only non-violence can put out violence just like light puts out darkness.”

Vowing to carry on with his campaigning program without abandoning the rally style he has been using, a defiant Kyagulanyi said he would be carrying on with his mass rallies with Kyenjojo and Fort Portal being his next stops. He claimed that Gen Museveni is already very weak and can only grow weaker “because their decision to unleash a frail man like Gen Elly Tumwine to issue out threats is indicative these old guys don’t have anything more to tell us. Neither can they debate with us anymore.” Kyagulanyi also claimed that this week’s violence by security forces against protesters is proof “the regime is panicking and nervous.” He condemned acts of violence and ethnicity some protestors exhibited claiming those aren’t genuine PP/NUP supporters but criminals who had been planted by the regime to act that way so as to alienate NUP while portraying it as tribalistic and unfit to lead. Senyonyi corroborated his boss by asserting that it can only be a defective argument to brand a man whose wife (Barbie) is a Munyankole from Ruhaama a tribalist. The young politician from Nakasongora also referenced on two NUP Vice Presidents namely Zedriga Lina (Northern region) and Jolly Mugisha (for western) to show that NUP comprises of big men and women from all tribal regions of Uganda as opposed to being a Baganda thing as some of the protesters portrayed it by targeting certain ethnic groups.

The NUP leaders also challenged Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine to identify the gun men he claimed during his Friday news conference to have been armed NUP supporters who shot and killed people in order to demonize Gen Museveni. Such people, Senyonyi rightly argued, can’t be above the law implying the state should be able to have them apprehended and criminally tried.

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