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By Mulengera Reporter

The Peter Walubiri-led faction of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party has urged its supporters to get ready to resume efforts to end President Yoweri Museveni’s rule as soon as the country defeats the deadly Covid19 disease.

In the splinter group’s Easter Message to Ugandans, Walubiri said the Covid19 pandemic had uncovered the gaps in President Museveni’s ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Government’s capacity to handle emergencies, which he suggested would only be plugged by structures built under a new political arrangement.

“The current Covid19 situation has exposed the unpreparedness of the NRM government to deal with a medical or other emergency. The Government is crying out for transport for medical emergencies. There are not enough medical workers and the few have no protective clothing. There is not enough food for the people forced out of work and as usual procurement of relief food is now riddled with corruption and profiteering,” noted the faction leader.

“As we live isolated in our homes during the lock down, we should not forget the task ahead of us, namely to resume at the earliest opportunity work towards establishing new governance structures that can and will listen to the cries of Ugandans and implement policies to re-engineer the country.”

However, the other faction of UPC, one of Uganda’s oldest political parties, has reportedly been considering backing Museveni’s candidature in the 2021 presidential election. (See: UPC BOSSES AKENA, WALUBIRI IN FIERCE EXCHANGE OVER PLAN TO BACK MUSEVENI’S 2021 PRESIDENTIAL BID).

Meanwhile, Walubiri also challenged Government to “discipline its officers” who harass Ugandans during the lockdown, and punish them for lives lost as a result of security operatives blocking patients and expectant mothers from accessing health facilities and personnel.

He further sympathised with “all who are enduring these hardships” but encouraged Ugandans to “join our suffering to that of Christ as part of our redemption and keep the faith and hope that the present hardships will come to an end and that we shall return to our normal life activities.”

A seasoned lawyer, Walubiri called on all people to “generously support all their neighbours in need of food, medical care and essential supplies until the lockdown is over,” further advising that all Coronavirus preventive guidelines be “rigorously” adhered to.

“Please stay home (unless in case of emergency), practice social distancing and regularly wash your hands with water and soap. If you have cough or you are sneezing, wear a mask. It is also advisable to wear a mask for the rare occasions that you have to move out of your home.”

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