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 By Gilbert Mwesigye

 He will be lucky to survive Nalufenya or at best incarceration at newly built Kitalya prison. We are talking about UJA President Kazibwe Bashir who has recorded a widely circulated video recording mocking current UPDF officers and men for failing to be inspired by what Idi Amin did in January 1971. In the recording, Kazibwe (who must be doing this anticipating some political heroism and martyrdom to increase his votability for Kawempe South MP) enumerates the 18 reasons Amin gave as justification for his coup against Obote in 1971 and concludes that all of them are present in today’s Uganda “and much worse.” He wonders why soldiers and Ugandans should continue tolerating Museveni (calls him dictator) when the situation today in Uganda is much worse than what Amin responded to in 1971.

Kazibwe, clearly desperate to increase his appeal among voters in the very volatile slums of Bwaise, controversially accuses Gen Museveni of many things including claiming that his cronies have dubiously become owners of much of the prime properties in Kampala. That, being an investigative journalist, he knows six streets of Kampala which are wholly owned by Museveni cronies who he doesn’t name.

He also claims, without elaborating, that Museveni and his cronies are meeting every day to update their grand master plan aimed at impoverishing Ugandans while deliberately making them poor. He claims the only thing Ugandans can now do is to join People Power and fight to get back their country. He says it’s no longer enough for the youths to gather in trading centers to praise him as a good speaker without getting involved in doing something to ensure Museveni leaves before their Uganda replaces Mugabe’s Zimbabwe as the laughing stock of the continent.

Kazibwe, who will first have to overcome Dr. Roy Sembogga before becoming flag bearer for PP in Kawempe South, adds that he is ready to lay down his life so that his children live in a better Uganda. “These guys have done many terrible things to me including poisoning me. So, I don’t mind getting shot or even imprisoned anymore. It’s the price I’m prepared to pay,” Kazibwe says while calling on young people to rise against Gen Museveni “because the truth is nobody is going to do this for you.” He says he is prepared to pay whatever price for his outspokenness against the regime including losing his job at Bukedde radio which he has used over the years to make himself a household name.

Kazibwe says it’s true he wants to become the Kawempe South MP but that is not as important as Bobi Wine becoming President. He says the fact that he was trusted by fellow scribes to become their President under UJA should indicate to Kawempe electors that he is a man of excellent leadership credentials for which he must be elected to become MP and begin earning millions of shillings in salary among other benefits.

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