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By Eric Luyimbazi

John Kakande, who until a few months ago was the chief editor for New Vision, has described Gen Museveni as a very deceptive leader who uses the televised Covid19 addresses to paint himself to be a patriot and a Saint that he isn’t. Appearing on (97.3fm) Radio Simba’s very popular Gasimbagane program this Saturday morning, Mzee Kakande accused the President of being incoherent in his articulation of how the education system can effectively reopen after two years of closure.

Kakande, renowned for his contempt of the NRM government in favor of his mother party DP, implied it was his duty as a senior journalist to help ordinary Ugandans see through the veiled deceit Gen Museveni exhibits in his televised speeches.

He said it’s painful and unacceptable for the veteran leader from Rwakitura to abusively use the platform available to him under such televised addresses to speak things which he knows are false and untrue. Appearing with Charles Rwomushana, veteran scribes Haruna Kanabi and Siraje Lubwama, Kakande wondered why Gen Museveni uses such televised addresses to mock Muslims and past leaders like Kabaka Mwanga who meant well and exhibited far more patriotic leadership than he has manifested in the last 36 years.

During the Gasimbagane program on Radio Simba, veteran journalist John Kakande (who until months ago was the chief editor at New Vision) submitted that Kabaka Mwanga was way much more patriotic and honest in his leadership than Gen YK Museveni has been in the last 36 years.

“He likes painting himself as a savior yet in actual sense he is worse than Mwanga whose contribution he likes to demean. The truth is that Mwanga was a real savior because even his disagreement with the Bazungu was about protecting trade and opportunities for local Ugandans. Museveni uses his [televised] speeches to portray himself as a patriot yet he isn’t. There was a law on local content which would force foreign companies to employ local Ugandans but he refused to append his signature on it. The same President is busy destroying wetlands by giving them to Chinese to set up factories to produce basic things like toilet papers and he says his Movement is an offspring of ANC yet in actual sense he is worse than Mwanga and other ancient Kings who were ruling here before the advent of colonialism,” Kakande said.

Kakande also made reference to his former boss Robert Kabushenga who was forced out of the Vision Group CEO office under very acrimonious circumstances. He asserted that part of the reason why Kabushenga was considered unsuitable for the job was because he raised a red flag while seeking to expose government corruption at the Ministry of Education.

That Kabushenga became furious on realizing that the Ministry of Education was spending Shs20bn under the guise of procuring reading materials for learners staying at home yet in actual sense not as much was being delivered to the homes of the intended beneficiaries. “He [Kabushenga] wrote to the World Bank protesting this as a scandal of Shs20bn in that Ministry. In fact, it’s possible this letter is the reason why he lost his job as CEO for Vision Group. He was raising as red flag on three fake companies which had been given the tender to supply reading materials to schools across the country yet they clearly had no capacity to do the job. We had also commissioned a survey which revealed that despite the Shs20bn being allocated and expended, the reading materials were not being delivered to as many schools as the President was being made to think.”

Still discussing the fate of the country’s education system, Kakande predicted chaos in the academic institutions with parents and children engaging in self-promotion from a lower class to a higher one. Kakande claimed that some schools have had their land clandestinely transferred into new ownership and some school owners may not be able to operate from places or premises they operated in before. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us




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