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By Mulengera Reporters

During his Sunday (5-6pm) meeting with NRM flag bearers for Teso sub region, who converged at Soroti University, President Museveni allowed in a few of his people who were not necessarily flag bearers. One of these lucky ones, apart from incorruptible PPS Dr. Kenneth Omona, was an old lady called Teddy Acham. A Maama Chama of sorts, Acham has been a personal friend to Gen Museveni and a loyal mobilizer in Teso sub region for many years since 1986. He actually rings her directly to pick some political Intel. regarding mobilization in Teso; though these days he rarely does.

During the meeting, the President allowed her to say something ostensibly for the benefit of the more energetic cadres who were grumbling and demanding for more financial facilitation to help alienate FDC’s POA in the villages and trading centers of Teso where they claimed he is very strong. “Your excellence as you know I’m not a flag bearer but I’m standing here to say to you that these people are lying. Many of them are involved in intrigue against fellow flag bearers because they want the opposition to win more seats so that you have fewer cadres to look after in Teso as you facilitate them to uproot the opposition which they want to create themselves,” she said prompting Gen Museveni to ask who are those. “They are here actually listening to me. They are in this meeting but I can’t mention names because they will kill me once you are back to Kampala and you will be nowhere to protect me.”

She claimed there are senior cadres who are fighting some new flag bearers because they don’t want high profile cadres to become part of the NRM team in the Teso parliamentary group fearing to be eclipsed in the post-2021 government. ”You are actually being deceived sir and I’m suggesting you use another parallel group to campaign for your flag bearers to avoid being surprised when the last vote is counted in January next year.” Gen Museveni grew more curious as she spoke and when she was done, he signaled her to get a piece of paper from him and scribble down the names of the chief intriguers she was lamenting about.


Mulengera News can impeccably reveal that (fearing to be betrayed and unexpectly losing Teso because of such intrigue like it happened in 2006), even after the meeting, later in the evening, Gen Museveni rang Maama Acham and encouraged her to confide in him more. He demanded that she corroborates the mischief she claimed three top ruling NRM Teso cadres were involved in undermining certain flag bearers they are uncomfortable having them in the 11th Parliament. She briefed the HE on why she considers each one of them unhelpful to the ruling party’s efforts to sweep the Teso vote at the different levels namely Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Councils. The very considerate big man from Rwakitura has since directed his staff to ensure Acham’s personal security is beefed up (just in case).


In a related development, Gen Museveni has used his stay in Teso sub region to identify and interact with the most formidable and dependable cadres among the new flag bearers seeking to join Parliament for the first time. “He is extremely impressed with the fact that the NRM has this time round attracted very seasoned guys who are way more established intellectually and even financially than many of the selfish incumbents who want to obstruct everyone from catching the eye of the President,” says a source close to the President. “Many of them are lawyers and people with more than one degree. They are financially stable and not desperate to get man from Mzee.”

One of these is David Calvin Echodu who is the NRM flag bearer for the Soroti West City MP Seat. Intelligence has extensively profiled him for the benefit of the President and he is portrayed as a selfless and high-commitment person State House can count on for its longtime political activities aimed at placating the NRM gains in Teso. ”Before the President came out of the State Lodge to go and launch the market, there was intelligence that the anticipated excitement wasn’t visible in Soroti Town. We immediately realized something wasn’t right. We inquired only to be told that one of the senior cadres had told the flag bearers, including Echodu, not to mind but leave everything to him. No mobilization had been done and the idea was to portray the flag bearers for the city as incapable of mobilizing for Mzee,” says an intelligence source that is part of the HE’s entourage.

The team realized the best way forward was to engage flag bearers of the City including Jimmy Ekemu (for Soroti City East) and Echodu for West. “We didn’t have much time and we needed quick fixes,” says a Presidential insider. Echodu, who doesn’t know much about the way politics is done in Uganda to fix such emergency situations having been away in the US for so long, asked “what I’m I supposed to do to help out?” On being told what was required was to pull a quick crowd and paint the city yellow, the man rang his key coordinators and within no time things turned yellow as more than 2000 boda boda riders assembled. He had T-shirts which were immediately dispatched and a pro-Museveni frenzy began to be witnessed everywhere in Soroti city. Echodu also pulled out money and immediately made 4 public address systems available to amplify the situation into Musevenism as the trumpeting riders rode through the city.

On getting all this information, a grateful Gen Museveni sent for the tycoon and secretly met with him at Soroti State Lodge where he assured him he is aware of all the paranoid senior cadres who are fighting him and fronting independent candidates just to split the NRM vote so that the opposition grabs the seat. Promising to closely keep in touch with him, Museveni urged the tycoon to soldier on. Mulengera News has established that there are several other things Echodu has done for the community in such a short time using personal money and never claiming any refund from the NRM or even State House. Recently, Soroti Hospital got very bad publicity after the proprietor of Teso Coaches succumbed to COVID19 largely because power went off disabling oxygen supply.

Saying this was unacceptable shame to the government he so much loves, Echodu spoke to the management of the hospital. He was told they needed money to top up and fix a generator to keep oxygen patients running. They told him Shs2.7m was remaining to finish the generator bill and he instead offered Shs5m, a thing that endeared him to more people in the town. The local radio media publicized this philanthropy, endearing him to more residents who began wondering why the more senior NRM cadres in the region never extend such charity as opposed to merely enriching themselves and own families while waiting or the government in Kampala.

Echodu has also equally popularized himself among the market vendors through his generous contributions. Saying it was suicidal to wait for government intervention, the deeply propertied Echodu asked vendors to form themselves into SACCO groups and donated Shs1bn (just like that) to be shared by the different vendor groups for investment in their SACCOS. He branded this intervention “rescuing our traders from COVID19.” An intelligence brief to the President recently described Echodu as “highly educated, stinking rich and highly committed to the NRM party without seeking financial benefits.” (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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