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By Mulengera Elections Desk

Freshly-elected Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Speaker Abubaker Kawalya used his inaugural speech to stress the importance of a better working relationship between the political and technical wings of the city’s administration. Kawalya also touched devolution and the Council’s image, among other issues. Here is his full speech:

Today, all of us do by our presence here, and going by other celebrations in other divisions of Kampala Capital City Authority and the country at large; celebrate victory of this position of the Speaker under the new legal regime Governing Kampala Capital City Authority,

I thank the Almighty for the great favor that He has bestowed upon me, and clearly without this August House I wouldn’t be here!

I thank my fellow honorable Councilors for their support, the Magistrate who has performed this important but yet historical event, the Ag. Executive Director and his entire Technical Staff for ensuring that this process is smoothly done and accomplished, and above all, I hold my bosses; of Rubaga North constituency in high esteem, for giving me the opportunity to serve and represent them at the helm of City Hall. I think I have not been a disappointment to them; so far so good.

It is a great honor and privilege to be nominated and elected under this new arrangement and I want to thank you all my comrades and colleagues for voting me as your preferred choice, but this does not mean that my competitor was bad.

The secret of winning is standing in for your colleagues through thick and thin, hence, you win the victory when you harvest to friends. I am grateful to all who reposed trust in me to make this victory a reality.

My dear comrades, allow me to say that words cannot express or describe my feelings or emotions; I am forever indebted to you and the struggle ahead of us.

Let me emphasize that the position of Speaker is not an alien in this very Council Chamber. Before the enforcement of the 2010 KCCA Act, previous Councils had Speakers just like the case with all the other 134 Districts of Uganda.  We can all bear witness to the fact that former Council Speakers under the defunct KCC left a footmark after serving diligently and in harmony with their Mayors and Councilors.

It would not be fitting if I don’t draw your attention back to refresh your memory about the background of the law in question.

Honorable members, you all remember in 2010 Kampala city was given a new status of an AUTHORITY and henceforth, the city has had a number of challenges emerging from different political gymnastics; conflicts have been cited in and during separation of powers and this has not only exhibited a setback in service delivery to our people, but it has also brought bad blood in leadership and governance. One of the historical events arising from the above was the purported impeachment of the Lord Mayor in 2013.

At last the people of Kampala have achieved our valued emancipation and together with my fellow elected Councilors including the Lord Mayor, we pledge to continue working in unity towards liberating our people from the looming poverty, suffering and killings that are now becoming rampant in the various villages of Kampala “you are aware that no day or night passes without hearing police brutal killings.”

Through working closely with all stakeholders, we shall ensure that, there is peace and stability in the city that everyone can enjoy without fear.

We must also at all times work and trade the struggle with dignity and discipline and therefore we have all to embrace the new law with positivity.

We have to realize that we can’t walk alone or work in isolation therefore connecting easily with the technical team of Kampala Capital City Authority will make the work for bettering Kampala very easy…respect for each other is key and as Nelson Mandela said “we know it well that none acting alone can achieve success.”

You are all aware that the dignity of this house is very important; so, with your cooperation this will not be compromised and as the incoming Speaker, I pledge my full support to all the divisions in their quest for devolution of power (s).

All policies or ordinances that will be brought to the table that can bring sanity and unity in the city; I do pledge my support towards them.

The promotion of good governance requires a council that can effectively perform the three cardinal functions of representation, oversight regarding the executive and making ordinances.

It is on this note that I look forward to unmatched cooperation from the Executive Director and his entire technical staff in embracing and implementing council resolutions.

Honorable Councilors, it is positive energy that will propel us to work towards development. Therefore, this can only be achieved through regular attendance and punctuality in the various sittings, thus setting a perfect example to the people of Kampala and Uganda at large. Honorable Councilors, let’s have a resolution that during our tenure we do something different with our time.

Members present here, let me talk about Kampala City as a tourist City! it is! And am challenging all of you present here to protect the green belts; although laws can help in protecting the environment but I for one believe in civic education!

Honorable Councilors, all stakeholders present begin by educating our masses about the importance of green belts and the benefits of its protection. If our people learn to take and hold dear of things that are beneficial to all, we shall have a city that is enjoyable to all.

As I conclude my speech, I once again thank you for trusting me with this office. I am pledging allegiance and working towards the development of Kampala. Honorable members, I do trust that we shall accommodate each other, work in tolerance and openness to achieve all our desired goals and objectives.

Thank you.

Yours obediently,



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