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Any Kampala-based business reporter worth their name that has covered URA events inevitably knows about Solomon Kimbugwe the amiable very down to earth media manager who works very closely with Ian Rumanyika & Immaculate Wanyenze. Its also almost public knowledge within his social circles that the man is single and has always kept his distance from matters to do with chewing babes. Now the long wait is over if the fresh info this news website has gathered is anything to go by. Kimbugwe, who is also a close assistant to Commissioner General Doris Akol yesterday Sunday convened a family meeting and broke the good news to his pleasantly very surprised relatives. It was in the afternoon when Solomon took his relatives to a city hotel and served them surprise lunch by the pool side.

After the lynch and drinks were done, Solomon isolated about 10 most important of his relatives and took them to a corner when he broke the news from. Fortunately one of our sources was in the vicinity and had the privilege to accurately follow everything as the meeting proceeded. Our sources even took a photo to prove how close they were to where things were happening from. Solomon informed the relatives that he had finally found a Miss Right and from the way he was explaining, it seems the lucky babe isn’t a Muganda like him. He told them he had been given the Saturday before Easter to come and visit his in-laws for the visit preceding introduction (okukyala). Solomon also read out some of the things he has been told to carry including not less than 4 crates of beer, 6 crates of soda & 4 boxes of Rwenzori mineral water.

He also reported that his entourage had been restricted not to exceed 10 people. He was also told to ensure they arrive in the home real morning hours in any case not later than 10am. “The guys are so serious they have even offered a house for one of her uncles in which we can spend Friday night so that we aren’t late on Saturday,” Solomon told his excited relatives. On being advised that sleeping at the in-laws place wasn’t proper and nobody was prepared to endure that embarrassment, Solomon said “its okay guys we shall find a way around it because I have done some research already and a good hotel accommodation goes between Shs60,000 & Shs85,000.” Solomon excited his people at the meeting even more when he told them that much as they are all loaded and willing to generously contribute, he had purchased most of the things and that this meeting & subsequent ones should only concentrate on praying & planning for the event.



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