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By Mulengera Reporters

As a politician, Allan Sewanyana first endeared himself to the voters in 2013 when he single-handedly resisted then Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze as he presided over a KCCA Council session during which Councilors voted on Bruhan Byaruhanga’s motion to impeach popular Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago. He famously jumped onto the Minister in a very dramatic attempt to bring to his attention a court order which was stopping him from continuing with the session to impeach the Lord Mayor whose ouster was later on confirmed by Court to have been an illegality.


Sewanyana was then the Lord Councilor representing Makindye West at City Hall having defeated DP’s Ali Kasirye Nganda Mulyanyama and SDP’s Mubarak Kawooya (in 2011) who voters rejected for having backed famous deal-maker Mike Mabikke against Erias Lukwago. Grateful for his antics, the Makindye West voters reciprocated by massively electing Sewanyana to Parliament as their new MP replacing the legendary Hussein Kyanjo of JEEMA.


Today, Sewanyana is seeking reelection as Makindye West MP on the ticket of Kyagulanyi’s National Unity Platform (NUP). Renowned for being broke and mean, Sewanyana is facing an uphill task to convince the same voters that he is still the best thing for the Constituency which has been the bed rock of opposition politics in Kampala since the days of Nsubuga Nsambu who Kyanjo replaced in 2006. Just like Rubaga South, Makindye West is one of the few Kampala constituencies that NRM has never won to produce the MP (Nsambu had been there since the CA days up to 2006 when Kyanjo took over).


In comparison, until Erias Lukwago grabbed it in 2006 from Capt Francis Babu (before leaving it for Mohammed Nsereko in 2011), Kampala Central had always been a bastion of NRM politics in the city just like the Nakawa Division MP Seat which FDC’s Mike Kabaziguruka only grabbed from Minister Fred Ruhindi in 2016 riding on the very strong Besigye wave. Before that, the Nakawa MP office had been a preserve of the NRM since the days of Jaberi Bidandi Ssali. Kawempe North was once in the hands of Jamada Luzinda of NRM until Latif Sebaggala ousted him in 2001 just like Kawempe South had been dominated by NRM’s Med Kaggwa until Sebuliba Mutumba rescued it in 2001 with strong backing of Nasser Sebaggala and Col Kizza Besigye (the peak of Hajji Alagidde days).


Rubaga South (just like Sewanyana’s Makindye West) has never had an NRM victor because during the NRC days, it was in the hands of DP’s Damiano Lubega who served for CA up to 1996 when Ken Lukyamuzi grabbed it taking advantage of the boycott DP proclaimed claiming Gen Museveni had stolen PK Semogerere’s votes during the 1996 Presidential elections. Rubaga North temporarily fell to NRM/Musevenists in 2001 when their Tom Kayongo capitalized on multiple opposition candidates (Beti Kamya, Wasswa Lule, Rashid Musisi, Gerald Kayondo etc) and cruised to victory occupying the office up to 2006 when Kamya, riding on the Besigye wave of that year, liberated it. Makindye East (which used to be Sebaana’s until he left it for Mike Mabikke’s predecessor Bendict Mutyaba) in 2011 too temporarily fell in the hands of NRM after their John Ssimbwa capitalized on the divided opposition and got the unexpected win.



So, as Allan Sewanyana rightly knows, being Makindye West MP comes with plenty of responsibility because it means standing on the shoulders of giants (Kyanjo and Nsambu) meaning as the incumbent legislator, you have to be subjected to very high standards. Yet that isn’t why he is politically sleepless. As Kyanjo confessed sometime back, the former Top Radio sports journalist (aka Omusajja wa Bwiino) has performed pretty well except that a few voters, who have been incited to think being a good MP means giving people money, are up in arms portraying him as a failure.



Sewanyana is sleepless because a group of supposedly influential politicians in the area have ganged up on him (not because he has under performed but) simply because of selfish interest. Even when they profess to be NUP which has sponsored his reelection, some of these are working for Sewanyana’s downfall. These (ironically) include Makindye Mayor Nganda Mulyanyama (of the Kwekubako enfuufu fame) who is deeply in bed with Seya’s brother Faruk Ntege who is in the MP race as a NUP-leaning independent. (There is also DP’s Bosco Lusagala who has been Deputizing Mulyanyama at the Makindye Council. Lusagala has taken away a large group of traditional DPs who perceived Sewanyana’s to NUP as betrayal and will be out to revenge).



Faruk Ntege is a close political and business ally of the street-wise deal-maker Mulyanyama with whom they have been cracking deals since his days as a member of Kampala District Land Board. Religion is another factor creating a strong bond between Mulyanyama and Ntege; both of them being devout Muslims.

They also used to be influential proteges in Seya’s camp during their Youth Brigade days (fighting to politically destroy old man PK Semogerere in DP). Whereas Mulyanyama was one of the key Youth Brigade commanders and bodyguard to Seya (during the early 2000s), Ntege was the official driver for his brother Seya during all his campaign errands. So, the two have a history of working together beyond merely practising Islam. Even in Makindye now, Mulyanyama’s campaigners double as Ntege’s. This means, Mulyanyama (campaigning for reelection as Makindye Mayor) is actually working against fellow NUP flag bearer Allan Sewanyana.


Yet that isn’t all. Mulyanyama (despite pretending on media talk shows) has actually never forgiven Sewanyana for the humiliation of 2011 when he defeated him for the Makindye West KCCA Lord Councilor slot. Having been around for so long on the political scene and in the process mentoring the likes of Mukasa Mbidde into the DP politics, Mulyalyama considered himself too senior to be politically floored by political novice Allan Sewanyana who was still in diapers when the Mulyanyama’s were managing Seya’s or even Sebaana’s mayoral campaigns in 1998.


But also as MP, Sewanyana has incited the voters to riot over mismanagement of infrastructure and markets in the constituency (as he did in Mulungu Munyonyo), a thing Mulyanyama naturally perceived as inviting unneccessary scrutiny into his leadership as area Mayor. By risking teargas to resist what he sees as unfair policies by the Central government or even the KCCA technical wing, Sewanyana has been raising the standard of doing opposition politics way too high, a thing that naturally increases pressure on other self-professed opposition leaders in the area like Mulyanyama to do equally well. This also makes Mulyanyama to become more comfortable having fellow deal-maker Faruk Ntege in the office of MP as opposed to the principled Allan Sewanyana who can never tolerate any selfish city tycoons taking over any of the poor people’s markets or even land in the constituency for development.


Yet away from Mulyanyama, there are other key actors whom Sewanyana must be very afraid about. These include Mubarak Kawooya, his boss Nabillah Nagayi and Umar Lutaaya (a Nabillah proxy who always conducts his deal-making meetings at Calendar Hotel in Makindye). Nabillah can’t abandon Ntege because he is her fellow deal-maker besides being her brother-in-law (brother to her hubby Isaac Sempala). Like Umar Lutaaya and Kawooya, Nabillah also passionately hates Allan Sewanyana because of his unwavering loyality to Erias Lukwago who she dislikes (despite being a fellow Muslim) because he resents their crude deal-making. Nabillah, Kawooya and Lutaaya are key allies of another celebrated city deal-maker Abubaker Kawalya who is facing off for the Rubaga North MP seat with the incumbent Moses Kasibante who is a very close personal friend and political ally of Allan Sewanyana.


Behind all these is another anti-Allan Sewanyana schemer Yusuf Nsibambi who can’t abandon his fellow deal-maker Faruk Ntege with whom they have lucratively been serving on Kampala District Land Board. All these forces are motivated by mutuality manifested in religion and apetite for deal-making for personal gain. Its financially a very powerful syndicate (ensuring endless cash flow for their man Faruk Ntege who has sharply split the NUP camp in the constituency) which Sewanyana will need prayers and divine intervention to overcome

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