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Mulago Hospital accountant 43-year-old Charles Steven Mwasa’s property in Bugolobi

This too belongs to Mulago Hospital accountant Charles Steven Mwasa. It’s in Kiwatule Nakawa Division

By Mulengera Reporters

Now aged 43 years, senior accountant Charles Steven Mwasa has been exposed to be the richest official working with Mulago Hospital in Kampala. Investigations by Mulengera News (corroborated by verificational work being done by the IG investigators regarding his past mandatory wealth declarations) have established that the man from Bugisu owns vast estate comprising of business investments, agricultural farms, posh cars and as well as posh residential and commercial properties in upscale Kampala neighborhoods of Kyambogo, Bugolobi, Banda, Mbalwa, Bulindo, Kiira and Mbuya among other places.

At Kyambogo, he owns a swanky apartments block which is full of well-earning working Kampala corporates. The gentleman, whose wealth many of the Museveni Ministers can only marvel at, has only worked for 17 years and states his annual salary to be less than Shs40m.

Mulago Hospital accountant Charles Steven Mwasa’s Bugolobi property

In Kiwatule, Mr. Mwasa (who previously worked at the Finance Ministry and narrowly survived inclusion on the Kazinda charge sheet after his village-mate Vincent Wagona of the ODPP advised using him as State witness) has a monstrous hotel-like apartment of two blocks each storied with five floors. Yet that isn’t all. In the same Kiwatule neighborhood, the stinking rich accountant has another two storied rental apartments still under construction. In the Kyambogo neighborhood, he has two rental apartment properties and in Banda as well. Yet there is much more. In the rapidly growing and expanding residential neighborhood of Mbalwa Namugongo, Mr. Mwasa has two rental properties including one which is a storied structure.

Pomp-loving Mwasa personally sleeps in a posh residence in Kiwatule (Block 220 Plots 1942, 1946 & 808) which is valued at over Shs800m. He is also the proud owner of a huge shopping Mall or arcade that is nearing completion in Najjera Trading Center. Mwasa is also a large-scale pine planter in Kiboga district where he operates a GoU lease from NFA. From the Pine business alone, he reaps over Shs300m pa.

Mwase’s house in Bugolobi

He is partly a beneficiary of the SPGs, an EU project aimed at greening Uganda through tree planting. He is also into maize planting on top of owning a residential unit in Bugolobi flats from which he annually reaps Shs48m in rent. Back home in Mbale, Mwasa (who simultaneously runs loaded savings accounts with UBA, Barclays and Equity bank) also operates a warehouse.

This is the Kyambogo Banda apartment which is Mwasa’s too

He also has properties in Busamaga in Mbale, Mutoto and the Flugence area in Mbale. The Mulago hospital account (born in November 1977) also owns a fleet of luxury cars including Toyota Mark X (UAT 557E), Nissan Tiida registered in the names of one of his companies V1 Investments.

In a recent petition to the IGG, a whistle blower (claiming to know him well) urged Irene Mulyagonja to comprehensively review Mwasa’s previous wealth declaration file in order to capture accurate information regarding his post-declaration acquisitions and additions to his vast estate. The whistle blower claims that Mwasa (whose previous declarations were certified by IG’s Principal Inspectorate Officer Caroline Wanyana) owns over 26 prime properties. The numerous plots are particularized as falling under Kyaddondo Block and are scattered in places like Kiwatule, Banda, Najjera, Mbalwa, Busimbo, Bulindo, Bugolobi Flats, Mbuya and Kiira near Shimon Demonstration School. Others are at Kyeitabya-Bukasa in Kiboga and a farm in Bugema Mbale.

Another Mwasa property in Kiwatule


Besides V1 Investments Ltd and TK Commercials, Mwasa (in his previous declarations to the IG) confesses to be the one behind Candy Investments Ltd. He also cruises a Toyota Prado. Regarding his source of income to accumulate all this estate, stinking rich Mwasa (who has worked since 2002 when he was first recruited as the IFMIS Accountant in the Finance Ministry in 2002) previously told IGG investigators that it was through savings off his salary of Shs1.5m per month and the Shs44m he annually gets in travel allowances.

Mwasa’s other apartment property in the Kyambogo Banda neighborhood

He adds that part of the estate was accumulated through joint investment efforts with his 36-year-old wife (and mother of his two children) Rebecca Nagidde a former class room teacher who later on worked with Bank of Baroda. The two began dating and living together after getting married in 2007 and at some point, when the joint family estate grew and became so vast, curiously-wealthy Mwasa ordered the wife to quit and concentrate on full time management of family businesses.

Photo montage of Mwasa’s different properties including the shopping Mall being constructed in Najjera Trading Center

His other source of income, he recounted to the IGG investigators, resulted from family inheritance, selling off some inherited properties in Mbale, brick-making, tree planting, business consultancy as a holder of ACPA qualifications, part-time lecturing (doesn’t disclose where), rent, interest earned off his three savings bank accounts and brokerage fees (whatever that means). He adds that he has also been keen at saving his perdiem allowances each time he travels abroad for official government duties. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us              

All these are swanky properties belonging to Mulago Hospital accountant Charles Steven Mwasa aged just 43 years and has been working (religiously saving his salary and allowances earned in per diem) since 2002 when he was first recruited as the IFMIS accountant in the Finance Ministry.



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