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By Mulengera Reporters

Reacting to a social media post by Martin R. Byakuleka, Ugandan social media users have unanimously denounced the Chinese arguing their contemptuous policy of treating Africans with contempt can’t be accepted anymore. In the subsequent conversation, the Diaspora Ugandans suggest that they are going to take advantage of the freedoms existing in Western capitals where they live and stage mass demonstrations at Beijing’s embassies to show their displeasure.

They accuse China of many things including emboldening African tyrants while endering very expensive loans which in the end don’t benefit the masses but the ruling elites yet the repayment burden will be born by all. They argue it’s wrong for China to just avail funding, displacing IMF & WB, without imposing any governance conditions. They also reflect on the extreme stigma Africans have continued to endure during this COVID crisis in the Chinese cities. That they are abused as dirty, lazy, unintelligent and partly responsible for the Coronavirus outbreak. See details below.


Martin R. Byakuleka
In our immediate history we witnessed the collapse of the USSR (Soviet Union) and the end of the Cold War in 1989. This gave rise to a global neoliberal agenda as powerful nations in the West pushed for democracy and free markets across the world. Institutions like the IMF and the World Bank rushed to append conditions for democratization, human rights protection, and free markets to African despots who wished to borrow money. These conditions saw a ‘wave’ of democratization sweep over many African countries. I examined that pressure in my book, Towards effective democratization in Africa: A review of the role of donors and lenders in the democratization of Kenya and South Africa. Cairo; 2001.

In my ongoing research, that am taking ages to complete, I posit that the rise and ascendency of China to World Power status, particularly its new role as a lender to Africa, has helped kill democratization in Africa. Of course, globally, the resurgence of Russia and the rise of China have among other reasons, torpedoed the neoliberal agenda. Instead of taking bitter loans from the West – laden with democratization and good governance demands, African despots have been given a new lease of life by China and Russia. China (and Russia) don’t have any demands, indeed ‘they don’t interfere in internal affairs of their borrower’. So, no more loan conditionality – the West also inadvertently abandoned the same, opting for more mundane and selfish demands like the pursuit of ‘War against Terror’, which some African strongmen fight very well. So, there you have it, China’s rise, and the War against Terror, effectively killed Africa’s budding democracy.

The Chinese have also opted to go further; not only have they killed our democracy, they inwardly hate us to the hilt. In Guangzhou (the Chocolate City, where Blacks abound) and allover China, black people are seen as unintelligent, dangerous, and unattractive. And now we are the repositories of coronavirus! In our dealings with China, not only are we despised by the Chinese but, they give us third rate products (even the loans are so economically senseless and dangerous) – indeed Chinese loans can only be taken by selfish African leaders who want to guarantee their ruler-ship for the moment without minding what the future portends for their countries. The question is, can’t we the African people, boycott China?


Maggie Joy For the sake of international social capital, we need all our relational options open, diplomacy will save such an already volatile situation….


Newton Kaa Now your children must learn Chinese at school, the communist regime is on sure deal of the expansion of it’s territories.

Patricia Namyalo They will boycott when china takes over. Sad reality, we realize our mistakes when it is far too late \

Uganda Zaabu Uganda Zaabu The problem they are well off in production but for the buyers am not sure if they start that RACISM

Lule Bunzie Still off! the per capita income is still very low for her citizens to consume the quantity they produce, unlike the US which consumes everything it produces.

Numaan Makumbi Yes we can bt with good leaders nt those dat r selfish

Patrick Kateihwaho Is democratisation an event or a process?

Lule Bunzie We can definitely boycott china and truth be told, China has not yet built the capability to influence leadership in any country just like the way the west has been overthrowing governments they see not good enough for them. Martin R. Byakuleka 2or 3 y…See More

Diallo Ucanda Lule Bunzie I like you and God bless you

Patrick Samuel Mobutu We certainly can,if only it wasn’t for the bootlickers!

Diallo Ucanda Patrick Samuel Mobutu forget the boot lickers, they will pay from their own kitties in due course. The beauty about this all is that, it had to be CORONA to open our eyes to the predicament we are faced with. The racial card would not have been more vi…See MoreDeborah Sentongo We need to boycott all chinese goods. The question is how and where to start??Martin R. Byakuleka Deborah Sentongo it’s almost impractical but you know what it will be best done at a political level … AFRICA – through the AU must make a statement and then diplomatically engage the Chinese with a clear unequivocal message – the Chinese authorities must make a conscious effort to desensitize their society and teach them that Africans are humans as well …

Lule Bunzie I think this summer God willing, we could make a trip down to DC and protest in front of their embassy.

Deborah Sentongo I am in a state of apathy!!! Seeing very little light at the end of tunnel thru Bobi Wine!!

Lule Bunzie Deborah Sentongo I think its very normal to think that way, equally am skeptical too but we have to BELIEVE.

Martin R. Byakuleka Lule Bunzie we shall by all means post covid-19 arrange a USA wide African anti Chinese protest!

Lule Bunzie Martin R. Byakuleka Am in.

Deborah Sentongo Martin R. Byakuleka oh!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾!! Absolutely!!

Diallo Ucanda Deborah Sentongo don’t worry too much over who will be at the mantle, Bobi or any one else for that matter, must depend on our collective interests and programs and not the other way round. This sole vision and interest will not do any more. Africans or Ugandans must be the ones to push the agenda not a small cabal of autocratic aristocrats.

Higenyi Kemba Thank you very much for this piece. The question u conclude with however, calls for a change to the tenancy in the decision making house in Uganda first, for us to be able to mobilize.

Martin R. Byakuleka Higenyi Kemba that political tenancy change is very much part of the equation on the Ugandan scene and we shall not lose sight of the same.

Higenyi Kemba Martin R. Byakuleka great.

Christopher Opurong We don’t just boycott but we all across Africa should first introduce one currency and do away with denominations and political parties/institutions. Communities/tribes themselves are and should each community/tribe in each amalgamated country should d…

Bisaso Bisibrah Ibrahim Good idea bro but the people entrusted to give us a led are

Diallo Ucanda Christopher Opurong much as what you saying makes sense, we cannot wait for that to happen when the dignity of us Africans is being denigrated and cannot be resolved while we stand contented in our small cantons.

Bisaso Bisibrah Ibrahim It’s a good idea for all African countries but on condition that the power belongs to the people not only the greedy leaders

Muteesi Isimah I love u ssebo

Waiswa Eddie To me,this should elesion for Africa, in order to minimize this crusty of going to these out side continents,we need to have African joint market built on a standard levels like Dubai such that these people manufacture there goods and bring to African market themselves.we are not supposed to look for the goods.They are the one supposed to look for the market in Africa with there goods.

Sussie Higenyi We can but our rulers cant

Joseph Ssenabulya We can, but it’s hard

Frederick Kizza Mubiru The challenge is that the so called Western powers have been penetrated by China , especially in the Manufacturing and Telecommunication sector. Hence we as Africans are now at the cross roads . Unfortunately the easier way is to go Chinese .

Zanga Al Mwami Martin R. Byakuleka, could you please tag Mwami Museveni , if that is possible?
Now, back to your question. I think Africa should not boycott any body.
What we need are intelligent and patriotic leaders. Leaders who will put first the interests o…

Muganga Fred You can as well go ahead and boycott food.
You can boycott the US and Europe not China.

Zanga Al Muganga Fred China can be boycotted very well. All you need is a good leader who won’t just borrow any how from these fellows.
Our problem as Ugandans and Africans in general is the leaders.

Gusolo Henry Namisi As long as African governments continue to relay on foreign results in research and development, Africa cannot afford to boycott what we don’t have. Tomorrow begins now, let’s convert the money spent on weapons into sponsorship for research and develop…

Katayirafrank We can boycott China but for example Uganda the president wants to dictate till when he dies and on that he automatically needs the Chinese who don’t mind about the internal affairs

Lenon Muchunguzi Africans we are beautiful souls. We don’t manufacture weapons or biological weapons intended to hurt other races. Chinese for a longtime have suffered an inferiority complex because they have always been reffered to as Yellow people by whites. Now they are trying to displace this inferiority complex to blacks. But naturally Africans are more of accomplished human beings in everything than Chinese. African only problem is leadership, luck of exposure,determination and capacity to do our own things. But if we unit and rise up I think we can be a very powerful continent.

Mark Rwomushana The problem, at least for Uganda, is at the top where they are so embedded to the extent they’ve become untouchable.
They are preferred by the top because of reasons you’ve mentioned – no questions asked. You give us platform to exploit, we reward you handsomely.
Your idea will be possible with change at the top.

Kakungulu Kenneth The world if its to guarrantee its development has to raise up and do something to stop chinese aggression

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