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By Mulengera Reporter

Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) soldiers killed four officers of the South Sudan People’s Defence Forces (SSPDF) in the northern Uganda district of Yumbe following reports of a raid carried out at Maru village days earlier.

Local authorities say it is such reports that had prompted them to ask the UPDF to deal with the rogue South Sudan soldiers. In the night of May 30, UPDF soldiers at Goboro detach started patrolling Fitinambaya trading centre in Maru village where the SSPDF soldiers had set up a base from where they reportedly stole from the locals and disturbed their peace.


Three of the four South Sudan soldiers were donning civilian clothes, were armed and attempted to engage their Ugandan counterparts who overpowered and killed them in the clash.

Five guns, one machine gun and four AK47s, were recovered from the raiding soldiers whose bodies have since been handed over to their government’s officials, including Col John Kamilo and Col Gochi Deng Yak at Afoji border in Moyo.


“When UPDF heard of the incident, they intervened but unfortunately, the SSPDF soldiers started shooting at the UPDF soldiers as soon as they saw them. In retaliation, the UPDF also fired back, killing four of them,” said Yumbe Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Richard Andama.

UPDF Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire revealed that some of the raiders escaped into South Sudan. “When stopped, they refused to follow orders, the UPDF soldiers guarding the border opened fire killing 04 instantly. The rest ran and crossed back to the other side of the border.”

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