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By Mulengera Reporters
Fearing for the unknown, a small fraction of Uganda Airlines pilots have intensified efforts to ensure the elderly Zambian corporate Cornwell Muleya remains CEO notwithstanding the advert that the Port Bell Road-based Works & Transport Ministry published recently seeking to recruit a new one.

The latest information reaching us indicates that, led by a one KK, some three pilots have resolved to meet Gen Salim Saleh to lobby him to use his clout as a powerful broker of power in his brother YK Museveni’s government and cause the cancellation of the advert soliciting for the new CEO. Their argument is that Cornwell Muleya, who has lately been nice to everybody with potential to make him substantive CEO, should instead be confirmed on the account of his experience and connections in the global aviation industry having previously worked with Aga Khan’s Air Uganda.

But this has since created divisions among pilots and cabin crew members majority of whom want to see a new CEO on grounds that Muleya has been captured to favor a few of the pilots who look at him as easy to manipulate to endorse and sign off deals in which they have lucrative interest. Some see him as too soft to manage standing up to the likes of Harvey Kalama, the very powerful Manager Ground Handling services whose total loyalty some doubt because his country Kenya has Kenya Airways which is already losing business as a result of GoU restarting Uganda Airlines. Such insiders, working with pilots who don’t mind the Muleya exit, believe the advert calling for international recruitment is the best way to get a new MD/CEO for the National Airline. Some pilots eagerly look forward to throwing a party and celebrate the day Muleya leaves. They fault him for over favoring First Pilot Kenneth Kiyemba who is one of the three pilots who claim to have got specialized training abroad on the recommendation of Gen Saleh.

That some insiders in the Airline are working hard to frustrate the international recruitment, being very expensively conducted by Profiles International, a US company, so that Muleya stays on fearing that in his absence, their skeletons will be exposed. Instead such insiders are plotting to incite pilots into striking should Gen Salim Saleh be used to influence the extension of Muleya’s stay as CEO for Uganda Airlines.

Over the weekend, KK tried to stampede the rest of the pilots into a meeting during which resolutions would be made threatening downing of tools should Muleya be forced to exit but the meeting ended in acrimony when majority pilots objected insisting it was time to get a new CEO. Some insisted on asking the hard questions regarding the very expensive ground handling contract for Juba International Airport which the Uganda Airlines top management has continued committing GoU to clearly bypassing service providers or companies like Capt Kassaami’s Das Air that can do the same work at half cost.

All this is coming up at a time some people at the Finance Ministry are demanding a forensic audit by the Auditor General to establish the prudency of the expenditures that have taken place so far since the Uganda Airlines’ restoration processes began. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 or email us at







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