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By Mulengera Reporter

Three daughters of city moneybags Karim Hirji have told their step sister Linda Birungi to stop attacking them, Attorney General William Byaruhanga, businessman Patrick Bitature, their lawyers and the judiciary over a case involving the sharing of properties left behind by their late mother Ziba Nanyonga who passed on in 2004.

The trio, Anisha, Karima and Nabila Hirji, say that Birungi, married to Romanian Honorary Consul to Uganda Godwin Murungi, is using social media to soil their names after court dismissed her application to declare Nanyonga’s will null and void on grounds that she was not of sound mind by the time she penned it.

Birungi and her two siblings, who had come with their mother Nanyonga when she married Hirji in 1978, were left out in the will written in the UK months before the tycoon’s wife breathed her last. Hirji inherited his wife’s estate but later passed it on to their union’s children, again leaving out Birungi and her siblings.

Aged 33 and already married by the time her mother died, Birungi waged a legal battle against her step sisters and father over Nanyonga’s property, arguing that the will might have been forged or that their mother was not in the right state of mind at the time of writing it, something she suspects might have made her skip her (Birungi’s) name and her siblings from her earlier marriage with Robert Birungi.

She has hired different lawyers, including Bitangaro and Company Advocates, and Kalenge, Bwanika, Ssawa and Company Advocates, to argue out her case, but has been unsuccessful in her bid to overturn Nanyonga’s will.

Anisha, Karima and Nabila now claim that Birungi has resorted to mudslinging them, their family friends such as Byaruhanga and Bitature, and lawyers such as MMAKS Advocates, John Kiwuwa and Chris Bwanika, accusing them of being compromised or working behind the scenes to ensure that the case, filed in High Court in 2015, got dismissed.

Even when court has thrown out Birungi’s suit and mediation before Nicole Barnister yielded no fruit, Anisha, Karima and Nabila say they “remain committed to working out an amicable settlement with Linda for her perceived grievance at being left out of our mother’s will.” In the likely event that out of court negotiations fail (like they have failed before), the trio say Birungi “should stick to the truth and have the matter adjudicated to its conclusion by a court and not to engage in social media attacks on us as a family,” friends and relatives.

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