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By Mulengera Reporter

Uganda Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga has revealed that the force and other security agencies have paused investigations into the conduct of former Security Minister Lt Gen (Rtd) Henry Tumukunde’s conduct over the general’s sickness.

Tumukunde collapsed at the weekend and was hospitalized at Kololo Hospital. Other sources said his leg had swollen.

Enanga has told reporters at Police Headquarters at Naguru in Kampala on Monday that the presidential hopeful’s illness was affecting searches into his homes and office.

“His sickness has put our investigations at stand still because we wanted to carry out a search at his home but he was not present,” said the police publicist.

He added that Tumukunde’s file would soon be taken to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for perusal and advice.

A bush war comrade of President Yoweri Museveni, Tumukunde was arrested last week for allegedly soliciting the help of “a neighboring country to support him in removing the current leadership with or without the ballot,” according to a statement Enanga issued on Friday.

His son Phillips Tumukunde, National Campaign Coordinator and Tororo North MP Annet Nyaketcho, and nine others have since been detained in cells of at least three police stations in Kampala, while his other son Amanya Nduhuura was released Saturday on police bond but, like his father, faces treason charges.

According to Anthony Wameri, one of Tumukunde’s lawyers, the general’s legal team will push for the production of the detained in court on Tuesday.

For now, Tumukunde’s office, Kololo and upcountry homes and farm are still heavily guarded by security forces.

Meanwhile, Enanga explained Police’s decision to handcuff the former Security Minister during earlier searches at Kololo on Friday and Saturday.

“He was violent and aggressive. In one incident, he shoved and pushed a senior police officer,” said the security agency’s mouthpiece. “We also took into consideration his military background. Because he is a trained officer, we feared he could have got access to a weapon and could harm those involved in the search at his home.”

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