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 By Mulengera Reporters

 Hajji Muyanja Mbabali, the incumbent MP for Bukoto South, is NRM yet he says the biggest threat he currently facing his reelection comes from Hajji Abdul Kiyimba, a fellow NRM diehard. Mbabali says whereas its Kiyimba’s right to stand for the MP Seat, the violence with which the Kyengera/Nsangi governor is campaigning to become the NRM flag bearer has made the ruling party look ugly and demonized to the extent many don’t want to associate with it anymore.

He says over the weekend, the pro-Kiyimba Kanyamas/bouncers descended on Bukoto South and indiscriminately maimed whoever they consider not to be Kiyimba’s supporter. That in the process, Mbabali’s own son Sowedi was beaten to pulp and left for dead. “They beat him until he couldn’t cry anymore, vandalized his car and my own son is in coma right now,” says Mbabali who NRM publicist Rogers Mulindwa says is responsible for much of the chaos.

Mbabali denies being responsible maintaining the only soldiers he has are those assigned to guard him as one of the MPs who betrayed and angered their voters by voting to scrap age limits in the Constitution paving way for veteran leader Yoweri Museveni to rule for life. Mbabali says that Kiyimba is actually not NRM but an opposition mole who is out to create chaos so that the opposition recaptures the seat previously held by DP SG Matia Nsubuga. “He has been in Wakiso as the NRM leader but only 32% of the Wakiso residents are NRM. His own MP is Medard Segona who is not NRM. If he is genuine about growing NRM support, my colleague should have stayed in Wakiso because that is where we need a lot of effort as NRM,” says Mbabali. “In Bukoto South we have always practiced decent politics. I have competed with Hon Herbert Lwanga, Hon Birekere Awo and others before without incidence. It has always been peaceful but 8its his Kanyamas beating people and I’m afraid this is going to affect NRM.”

Kiyimba, who we understand is running away from Kyengera fearing that ISO boss Col Kaka Bagyenda was going to fight his reelection while propping up singer Mathias Walukagga of People Power, says Mbabali is politically a sinking man who must accept that voters are tired of him after serving for 10 years of two terms and its his time to represent the electors and carry the NRM flag. The two have been feuding over who should have the supervisory powers over the ongoing register update for the NRM party. Mbabali says its his mandate being the Party chairman in the Bukoto South constituency. Bureaucrats in the NRM headquarters feel that Mbabali is abusing his position to manipulate things and unfairly cripple Hajji Kiyimba’s intentions to replace him as flagbearer for the NRM.

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