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By Deox Tibeingana

For some time, eminent city lawyer Deox Tibeingana (renowned for his vast riches) has been battling fellow tycoon Godfrey Kirumira about whom he has just released the following stinger.


I am a smart lawyer. When I tag team with my lawyer, David Ssempala of KSMO Advocates, we become geniuses. Last week we made legal history by closing a matter in 3 months. We took the path never trodden and our smarts bore fruit. We belong and are unashamedly proud members of the last class of geniuses ever schooled at Makerere University; the great class of 96-99.

Kirumira’s stooge was declared a fraudster and ALL the titles he purports to hold will soon be cancelled for fraud. Their uncouth and unresearched game plan has unraveled so fast that now they have resorted to pedestrian tactics of trying to physically grab properties under contention. Yesterday, Andrew Mirembe Tumwebaze who purports in his pleadings to have “bought” my property from his brother in law Kirumira was humiliated in Najera when after losing the court battle and in a classic case of clutching at straws decided to borrow a leaf from his brother in law’s text book of buffoonery to try and grab my apartments in Najjera by force. In a clear case of brains versus brawn, they left with their tails between the legs.

Kirumira thinks that his connections and purporting to make phone calls to IGP, sijui Lt. Colonel who can work against an educated Mukiga lawyer from Rukungiri. He is so used to stealing from the down trodden that he forgot I am smarter than him and God is using me to teach him a lesson and atoning for all those people whose properties he has been grabbing. In all this, I recall the number of times I implored him to take his money and return my properties in vain. He thought that having titles transferred into his stooges’ names was an end in itself and that he now “owned” them. He humiliated me and caused me to suffer and in turn I caused many people to suffer.

I hereby vow on this page that he must go through the same humiliation he put me and my clients through. He will go to bed worried that he has no titles as they are ALL going to be cancelled for fraud. He will go to bed ruing the times, I called to pay him his money and he was petulant. He will go to bed regretting the lies he told in court without thinking through their ramifications including declaring me debt free when I was suing for a declaration that I owed him money. He will regret the tears he has caused to countless people and in the end his mouth will twist a little more to the left in sheer agony that he tried to fight against God’s people and through a humble me, God has shown that money means nothing.

He thought the court battle would take ten years and that I would fall apart. To the contrary, It is not even four months, since we started, his end is nigh and clear as ice. Imagine in one transfer to his son’s names, he declared that two apartments in Mbuya were worth Ugx 5,000,000/= each and duly paid Ugx 75,000/= to transfer them to his son’s names as if they were bicycles and he has the

audacity to stand before me in a Court of law and think he can win! What a punk! I advise all those who borrowed money from him and he transferred their properties into his stooges’ names to go check what value was declared for purposes of transfer. How can he declare an apartment worth 600m just a mere 5m that can’t even buy a used car and still arrogantly waste Court’s time?

He issued me a forged title and laughed about it. My complaint to CID over this was laughed off as he claimed that no police can prosecute him. When Iam done with my Court processes, we intend to initiate a private prosecution and he will know not to mess with a Mukiga ever again. A picture of him and his cronies in the dock will make it a worthwhile experience. The hell he has put me through has only made me stronger and for those who he intimidated over the years, I have given hope that he is nothing if properly managed.



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