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By Mulengera Reporters 

On Thursday last week, key government leaders drove to Watoto Church Kyengera (off Masaka Road) where they joined other mourners for a church service organized to celebrate the memory of Mable Tusiime Kamabare. A devout Born Again Christian, Mable (an active member, Bible teacher and cell leader in the same church) was the wife of Moses Kamabare, the General Manager for the Entebbe-based National Medical Stores (NMS). Aged 44, Mable succumbed to cervix cancer and died in Nakasero hospital on Tuesday 30th only seven days after celebrating her birth day.

The NMS, which has witnessed plenty of service delivery-accelerating transformation for the years her reformist husband has been GM, is charged with procurement, storage and distribution of medicines for all government hospitals and other lower level public health facilities scattered in all the districts of Uganda. The Watoto church service unexpectedly turned into a public celebration of the NMS accomplishments and transformation story as several speakers from government, led by Minister Evelyn Anite who represented the President, showered praises on Kamabare while referencing on the great things he has done and in the process turning round the once ailing government entity.


In fact, as he handed Kamabare his appointment letter to begin work as the NMS GM/CEO years ago, then Health Minister Richard Nduhura wondered if he was going to succeed changing the attitude of the President and other movers in government who had long written off the scandal-riddled and very inefficient NMS while proposing its privatization just like had previously been done to other ailing parastatals like Uganda Transport Company, Uganda Commercial Bank and others. “There is your appointment letter. Go and try your best and please help us because the President has given us one more last chance to try to see how this thing works out otherwise he wants NMS privatized,” Nduhura told Kamabare while showing his skepticism on whether he was going to achieve anything rescuing NMS which even MPs had written off as a gone case.

His political leaders at the Wandegeya-based Ministry required Kamabare to write briefs every after 6 months profiling what he had achieved and intended to do to revamp NMS whose survival was (and remains) very essential to the overall performance of the entire health sector. Kamabare says even his very prayerful wife Mable, optimistic as she always was, doubted there was much he was going to achieve turning round NMS. She had reluctantly participated in the preparation of the power point presentation Kamabare was to make as part of the interview process (the job had been advertised and had to be competed for).

Having been a very impactful private sector leader in the Pharmaceutical Society/Council of Uganda, Kamabare had many years earlier appeared before relevant committee of Parliament to passionately oppose the proposal to privatize NMS and he saw the advert as an opportunity to go in and effect the reforms and changes he thought were badly required to resuscitate the dying NMS. So persuasive was his submission, the entire Parliament subsequently voted against the privatization of National Medical Stores.

While still serving as the Pharmaceutical Society leader, some legislators went to Kamabare to express fear he wasn’t going to survive being killed by the powerful and mighty in government who were determined to have NMS undervalued and subsequently privatized to their proxies. “I was always firm even as early as that time that God would protect me as long as I was speaking the truth and Mable was always my source of strength,” Kamabare reminisced as he addressed mourners at the Watoto gathering. He asserted that since that time, his prayer partner Mable has always been very supportive ever praying for him each time he left home after informing her he was going for a difficult meeting at Parliament, MoH or even with his bosses the Board members.


Speaking after Board Chairman Dr. Jotham Musinguzi, who observed that Kamabare was always a very strong character regardless of whatever adversity he might be facing largely because his strong wife was always behind him, Anite eulogized Mable as a very understanding, supportive and prudent wife (similar to the wholesome woman the scriptures refer to in Proverbs 31) who had enabled Kamabare excel where everyone believed he wouldn’t. Anite, who first knew Kamabare in 2021 through then NMS PRO Dan Kimosho, also delivered the President’s condolence message of Shs10m and PS Kenneth Olusegun Omona’s Shs3m.

Describing Kamabare as “hardworking, patriotic, transformative and incorruptible,” the youthful Minister asserted that the former policeman deserved commendation rather that the scorning and intrigue haters direct at him sometimes. “I have been to NMS many times and I can testify it’s the best in Africa and if you are one of those people who don’t find anything to be proud about Uganda, just visit NMS and see what those teams are doing under this man Moses Kamabare who prefers being called Captain as opposed to CEO. He has revolutionarized the logistics around medicines delivery by having that state of the art equipment in place,” Anite said attracted plenty of the Amens from the large gathering which also comprised of Watoto leaders and members with whom Kamabare prays. It’s actually true that, because it’s ranked the best of its kind in Africa, that delegations often visit from other African countries to come to learn and benchmark on NMS equipment, processes and practices.

She added: “Moses has been falsely accused many times but he has always been firm and thick-skinned while facing his detractors because he had Mable as the rock of strength behind him. God bless her soul. It was for a reason that his parents named him Moses. He is organized and always submits his entity’s paper work to the Finance Ministry on time and if we had a 100 Moses Kamabares doing what this man has done at NMS, this country would be very far. I can assure you, his paper work isn’t only delivered on time but it’s always organized and I can confidently say this because I’m always sitting in those Finance Ministry meetings where those things are submitted and referenced upon. I only wish we had way of legally making such incorruptible and hardworking people permanent in their jobs so that Moses Kamabare can permanently head NMS.”

Anite’s commendations of Kamabare attracted frequent applause from the gathering which comprised of development partner representatives, government officials and the Kamabares’ fellow Watoto church members. Not done, Anite added: “You know we sometimes have corrupt and incompetent people serving as CEOs and as a minister supervising them, you can be saying when is his contract ending and he goes but if you are a minister privileged to have people like Moses Kamabare heading agencies in your sector, I tell you, you won’t want their contract to ever end.”

Anite added that there are many things she has heard and come to know about Kamabare but one of those she will never forget is the fact that the NMS boss is so truthful, he won’t take what doesn’t belong to him. “He will raise a red flag reporting to the Ministry of Finance in case any money is erroneously sent to NMS vote and please pray for Mzee to get many more Moses-like officials in our government so that service deliver is amplified.”

The youthful Minister said she doesn’t regret meeting and getting to know Kamabare and his wife Mable because they had always emotionally supported her to succeed as a young wife and mother. That the two always reached out to check on her and her husband Allan Kajik to ensure all was well.

“You know I can be very cantankerous as a politician but yet at home I’m very okay. I have never had any problem with my husband and it’s partly because of the support, advice and counselling I have been getting from the Kamabares. Sometimes I confront Mzee’s opponents on TV and say things which even my Allan won’t like back home but Moses has always been there to ring him and explain on my behalf why I had to act in a certain way because he understands the pressures that come with some of these public offices we hold. And even myself if he sees I have gone overboard, Moses calls me to advise that please deescalate. Don’t do that again; you went too far,” said Anite before briefly giving the microphone to Kimosho who equally testified about Kamabare.

A new Kazo County MP, Kimosho (who had to resign his lucrative NMS job to go for politics) reminisced how it’s Mable who convinced an initially very reluctant Kamabare to let him go. “She told me I will speak to him but let’s equally pray about it and she eventually was very supportive of my bid in many other ways. In fact, I was always reluctant to come to the Lord however much Mable spoke to me about it but from what I have seen and the way the good Lord has strengthened Moses and the children, it’s something I’m giving serious thought right now,” said Kimosho who went ahead to share on the excellent work ethic of the Moses Kamabare he knew and closely worked under as PRO for NMS. “Now that I’m in Parliament, knowing how complicated that job of being NMS GM is, I can pledge we are going to use that platform to support Moses always.”

Describing Kamabare as honest, team player, dedicated and committed to his work, Kimosho corroborated what had been said earlier that this country would be very far and easier to govern by Gen Museveni if we had at least 100 Kamabare-like CEOs leading other service delivery organizations. Friends and cell members from Watoto Church, who had closely fellowshipped with Mable likened her to the Biblical character called Dorcus whose generosity, compassion and care towards the vulnerable needy is well documented in the book of Acts.

One of the many Watoto Ministers who testified about Mable’s goodness thanked Kamabare for allowing her to fully participate in Church activities and likened him to the Biblical character called Daniel. Several representatives of the church and colleagues Mable used to go with at the Seguku-based Prayer Mountain reflected on a prayer partner who was deeply committed and devoted to the core values of Watoto Church Ministry which she always cheerfully proclaimed to others. She also believed that involvement in church activities shouldn’t be synonymous with boredom the very reason she frequently sponsored fellow church members and co-leaders to go for fun activities such as boat cruises or even dinner nights at posh city hotels. She also generously contributed towards church vacations, visiting spiritually important sites, within Uganda and abroad.

The MoH PS Dr. Diana Atwine spoke too and represented her boss Jane Ruth Aceng who was in Parliament to interface with the budget committee to defend the entire health sector budget. She agreed with Dr. Musinguzi that indeed Kamabare was a results-oriented and value-addition person to the sector largely because he always had a stable, prayerful and understanding spousal partner whose support he would always fall back to after a difficult day at work. “Those of us who are married know that there is no way you can excel even at work once you don’t have a stable understanding spousal partner at home. Knowing how high performing Moses Kamabare has been and continues to be, it’s clear to me that Mable was that very prudent partner at home,” asserted Atwine who was to later break down wailing.

Atwine referenced on the fact that Kamabare kept it away from them that he his wife was a cancer patient (for 3 years) simply because he never wanted to destabilize or demoralize anyone into sympathizing with him at work. Kamabare later explained that, much as it’s true he never wanted to disrupt work at office and at Ministry meetings, it’s Mable who strictly decreed that her condition (that saw the couple expensively seek medication abroad in India and at Norvik and Nakasero hopitals) be kept confidential.

Praising Kamabare for being a strong, truthful, patriotic, courageous and reformist leader, Atwine said “a lot of the successes we pride ourselves in as the health sector is hinged on the great outputs registered by NMS because if they fail and choose to let everybody down, there is no way we shall register any achievements as a sector.” In conclusion, she wished other heads of government agencies could emulate Moses Kamabare’s work ethic and also hoped that the passing of Mable, which she described as big loss to the body of Christ and the country, doesn’t disrupt Kamabare from the excellent performance he has always been known for as a key pillar in the delivery of services to the people under the country’s health sector. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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