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By Mulengera Reporters

Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny first joined Parliament as Zombo Woman MP in 2011 and because she was very popular throughout West Nile, Gen Museveni made her Minister at the dawn of her 2nd term (2016-2021). She replaced Rebecca Otengo as Minister in charge of Northern Uganda; a position that required her to be everywhere in the 55 districts making the greater north that was initially ravaged by the post-1986 insurgency. She has been seeking 3rd term only to be rejected by voters who felt she had little time for them as she concentrated on the entire region doing the President’s assignment.

Minister Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny remains hospitalized after suffering political defeat-related nervous shock on Friday over the Zombo woman MP Seat

A graduate of Lower Zombo Primary School, Warr Girls School, Tororo Girls School and Makerere University where she graduated with a B.Sc. & later an MBA, introverted Kwiyucwiny is naturally a laid back person the very reason her tenure as Minister hasn’t been as vibrant as that of her predecessor the very outspoken Otengo who too lost her MP seat while occupying the same docket in 2016. NRM politicians are beginning to sarcastically associate the Northern Uganda docket with electoral defeat just like many perceive the office of LoP which saw the political massacring of Ogenga Latigo (2011) and Wafula Oguttu in 2016.

The unanticipated defeat suffered by Kwiyucwiny caused widespread mourning in her stronghold sub counties and even the candidate herself wasn’t spared the resultant trauma and emotional breakdown. On getting the results, the deeply spiritual Kwiyucwiny collapsed in the field prompting her minders to rush her to a nearby health facility within Zombo from where she was evacuated to Arua Regional Referral Hospital for better management. She continues to recover from there and latest reports show her conditions is stably improving and it has to do with the nervous shock she got on confirming majority voters had preferred someone else and not herself anymore.


She is just one of the four senior Ministers from West Nile that didn’t survive the Friday political fiasco Odoi Tanga’s elections delivered. Other Ministerial victims include Evelyn Anite (Koboko Municipality), Simon Dujang (Okolo County) and Gabriel Ajedra (Vurra County). It’s only the frail Deputy Premier Moses Ali, health Minister Joyce Moriku Kaducu (Moyo Woman MP) and Obiga Kania (Terego) who narrowly survived the voters’ wrath. In fact, accusing Kania of foul play, Terego voters have opted to wait and revengefully humiliate Kania in Justice Simon Byabakama’s general elections January next year.


Simon Dujang & Gabriel Ajedra are some of the West Nile Ministers who didn’t survive voters’ wrath.

Whereas long-serving Dujang was rejected largely because of failing to deliver rural electrification to the people as promised in 2016, Ajedra was rejected for failing to deliver on road, being stingy with money, pride & indifference. Voters were angry the man was so indifferent about their poverty and his campaigners kept telling gatherings that however much they resented Ajedra, they can never equal him because “his children can never starve nor eat mukene again even if he loses the Vurra MP Seat.” This insensitivity hurt the poverty-stricken voters for whom mukene is a prestigious dish eaten only on Sundays. The other cause of resentment was the fact that in 2015/16, Ajedra (as he fled Arua Municipality fearing Abiriga) came with a budget of Shs2bn to uproot Dr. Sm Okuonzi from Vurra. However, he coiled and never spent the money once he realized none of the opponents he eventually faced was not as threatening as he initially anticipated.

He ended up spending very little, a thing that angered voters who waited to cripple him 5 years later. They have showed extreme contempt for pompous Ajedra, who they also accuse of bleaching like a woman, by replacing him with Yovan Adriko, a modestly-educated mobilizer who is also poverty stricken. He has been serving as an LC3 Chairman for Logiri Sub County Vurra County in Arua district. Yovan Adriko is modestly-educated and can barely express himself in English. Those who will be watching 11th Parliament debates on TV should prepare themselves for entertainment similar to what Seya or even Nadduli offer whenever called upon to make submissions in English. As a constituency, Vurra has plenty of proud history having produced eminent legislators like Eng Eric Adriko, Dr. Sam Okuonzi and ex-Transport Minister Simon Ejua who the modestly-educated Yovan Adriko defeated along with Ajedra for the 2021 NRM flag bearership position.


Hassan Kamba and Julius Mulimba are some of the NRM winners from Busia

In a related development, in Teso sub region, Teso Affairs Minister Jaff Akiror was defeated for Kapir County just like was the case for Kanyum County’s Ismael Orot, Kumi’s Amoding Monica, Katakwi’s Violet Akurut, Serere County’s Patrick Okabe, Ngora County’s David Aballa and Amuria Woman MP Suzan Amero. In Tororo, Woman MP Sarah Opendi controversially defeated Phibby Otala with a difference of more than 5000 votes; as Apollo Yeri took the Municipality, Emmanuel Akika Athieno West Budama South, Jacob Oboth Oboth West Budama Central, Fox Odoi West Budama North East and Max Ochai West Budama North. In nearby Busia district, youthful Sharon Vero Nabwire won the woman MP slot; John Mulimba Samia Bugwe North, Julius Maganda Samia Bugwe South and lawyer Hassan Kamba finally grabbed the flag for Busia Municipality. Sylivia Rwabwogo lost the bid for Fort Portal City Woman MP as Margaret Muhanga and Alex Ruhunda easily cruised to victory.

Margaret Muhanga and Alex Ruhunda are among the Toro incumbents who succeeded as Sylivia Rwabwogo (M) trailed/flopped.

Tororo Woman MP Sarah Opendi survived being one of the few Ministers who survived the Friday massacre.

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