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By Mulengera Reporters

Flamboyant Kampala lawyer Julius Galisonga has picked and returned expression of interest forms from FDC, a party he has always supported and defended whenever he can. Galisonga has his eyes on Bugweri County MP Seat currently held by veteran legislator Abdul Katutu who first became MP in 1996; then as a strong UPC diehard. As we all know, Katuntu later joined others to co-found the FDC party on whose ticket he has been Bugweri MP since trouncing elderly Kirunda Kivejinja in the dramatic by-election of 2008.

Katuntu, who denies being interested in flocking with FDC anymore but also lacks guts to risk openly embracing Gen Mugisha Muntu’s ANT, had excited many announcing he was bowing out and not seeking reelection in 2021. Then reports emerged he was trying his luck lobbying the establishment to become either Chief Justice after Bart Katurebe or replacing IGG Irene Mulyagonja. None of these two attempts seems to have come to fruition, a thing that has prompted some key supporters to pressurize him to go back on his word, make a strange U-turn and reclaim his Bugweri MP Seat but on the independent ticket.

This hasn’t prevented Galisonga, who began campaigning much earlier on, from deepening his political mobilization in Idudi and other politically active towns of Bugweri. But before fully becoming the duly nominated flag bearer for the FDC party, Galisonga will have to first overcome NTV sports journalist Ismail Dhakaba Kigongo who is equally interested in being endorsed by Najjanankumbi to carry the key symbol. Kigongo’s challenge notwithstanding, Galisonga remains one that is widely favored to win the flag bearer race before going on to floor Katuntu or whoever he fronts in the general elections.

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