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 By Mulengera Reporter

 A top cadre of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) in the eastern Uganda district of Bududa has rejected results from the recently held primary elections, laying bare acts of gross electoral malpractice which he says were responsible for his defeat.

Jackson Matsanga, who says he prematurely retired from the education service to “streamline” the party in the district, was a candidate in the race for the NRM parliamentary flag bearer in Manjiya County, currently represented by John Baptist Nambeshe, who recently quit the ruling party to join Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) for which he is a regional coordinator for eastern Uganda.


According to Matsanga, whereas he had committed to respect the results from the NRM Primary election in Manjiya, the rigging that happened in the constituency overturned the will of the voters, and he cannot sit back and watch the party he loves going to the dogs. Matsanga, whose brother Sergeant Wilson Wabuteya was part of the Yoweri Museveni struggles in the 1980s, claimed voting didn’t happen in the three sub counties of Bumasheti, Bukibokolo and Bududa, but “instead votes were distributed and recorded by the registrars,” with his agents, who were reportedly threatened, being awarded two or three votes at the various polling stations.

In his petition to NRM Electoral Commission (EC) Chairperson Dr Tanga Odoi, the aggrieved Matsanga, who lost to Moses Mukhobe, further claims that in some polling stations declaration of results forms were filled and signed by one official. He also raised concerns about the fact that the results from Bududa Sub County had arrived at the District Tally Centre at about 08:30pm yet voting had ended hours earlier. He believes the results were tampered with to give his opponent Mukhobe an advantage.

The NRM cadre also wants answers as to why the number of voters who cast ballots for the Woman MP aspirants in the three sub counties are below that of people who chose Constituency aspirants. He cites Bunasheti where 5,270 voted for Constituency aspirants but only 4,653 voted for the Woman MP aspirants. Matsanga suspects that the 617 who didn’t vote for the latter category of candidates in this sub county alone could have been ghosts, included in the tally to rig him out. He also produces results for Bukibokolo where 3,635 voted for Constituency aspirants but 3,477 picked Woman parliamentary candidates, leaving questions on why 258 people could have chosen to vote in one contest and ignore the other.


Matsanga has now described those he suspects to have rigged him as “rebels,” calling on Tanga Odoi to order a review of the tally or direct a re-run in Manjiya. He also told the NRM EC boss that he was “not ready to reluctantly lose my vision,” saying he is “fully set to ensure the NRM party (which he says is at stake) in Manjiya Constituency is streamlined, defended and properly protected.”

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