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By Mulengera Reporters

On Sunday after opening the newly-renovated and expanded Soroti Market, President Museveni drove to Soroti University where he held two meetings. The first one was with close to 200 NRM youth leaders from Teso which was followed by another meeting he reluctantly had with MP and LC5 flag bearers for the ruling party. The youths meeting was in the University’s main playground and the one of the flag bearers in a tent erected behind the main administration block of the University.

The flag bearers reached out through the PPS Dr. Kenneth Olusegun Omona claiming they had a special message they wanted to share with HE the President. The big man, who was already tired and wanting to go and do other things at the State Lodge, reluctantly agreed and he indeed crossed over from the youth meeting to where the flag bearers were waiting from. This meeting began at 5:30pm and had ended by 6:30pm.

The flag bearers preferred that Ngora Woman MP Jackie Amongin, who they considered bold enough, reads out a memorandum containing what had been communicated to Gen Museveni as a special message. Credible Mulengera News sources at the meeting say that as others pensively looked on, Amongin informed the President that they are grateful for the facilitation the party has already promised all flag bearers across the country but Teso sub region, being home to FDC’s POA, should be given some affirmative action.

A clearly disgusted Gen Museveni, who State House sources say is generally sick and tired of being extorted by fellow NRM leaders, was told the people of Teso understand and value political power. And as such the POA candidature has created plenty of euphoria in especially small towns where thousands of disgruntled jobless youth and women live. That POA, being a Catholic, is equally enjoying a lot of silent support of the Catholic Church which is reputed for its massive influence on the community in Teso.

Gen Museveni was told much as the clerics are generally quiet and haven’t fired any artillery at the ruling NRM, they are increasingly lukewarm towards NRM candidates including himself. Way forward? Give each one of us an additional Shs200m over and above what flag bearers are getting elsewhere as facilitation because we need to overcome the POA pressure and deliver the Teso vote to you intact.

Gen Museveni, who sources say was uneasily turning in his chair as Amongin read her memorandum, didn’t allow her to finish. “Vigorously shaking his head, HE the President faced Amongin and asked ‘now what are you reading my daughter? I’m saying no and just stop there,” narrates a source who attended the meeting to which Gen Museveni came with Eastern region chairman Mike Mukula.

Saying this confirms his long-held view that the NRM’s problem in Teso has always been one of absence of strong leadership, Gen Museveni said he wouldn’t give them anything over and above what the rest of the country would receive as facilitation. “Eeh kumbe you don’t even remember the strong values of NRM which is patriotism as opposed to sectarianism? How can we be in trouble with POA simply because he is a Catholic and son of the soil? Aren’t you leaders? Why can’t you explain to the people the very many things the NRM government has done in Teso?” Museveni was quoted as saying in response to the Amongin memorandum.

He said even when it comes to investing public resources to support and amplify political mobilization in the region, there are many things the NRM government has done which must be leveraged on to mobilize support for reelection. He referred to the multi-billion market he had just commissioned, the billions coming to the region through YLP and emyoga. “We don’t have money to add for the flag bearers of Teso because of Mr. Amuriat. This is now a test to you as cadres in this sub region. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your leadership credentials by using the great things we have done and mobilize support for reelection. Any good cadre should use the government achievements to promote the NRM among the population for purposes of this election.” He stressed the NRM principles of patriotism must be leveraged upon to defeat chauvinism and sectarianism based on things like religion and ethnicity.


After the meeting as Museveni departed, the flag bearers became sharply divided with especially new ones ganging up against incumbent flag bearers seeking reelection. “Some of the new flag bearers are high caliber fellows. They are actually financially and intellectually more sophisticated than some of the incumbents. They were bitter they had lost face before the President and some of them started saying where did that specific request of Shs200m for each one of us come from? They started claiming such was never discussed and resolved during the preparatory meeting before finally meeting the President,” says one of the members of the big man’s entourage who stayed around for some time after the HE had eased out of the campus back to his State Lodge.

Knowledgeable intelligence sources add that the way the meeting boomeranged, regarding the Shs200m request, has only widened the wedge and mistrust already existing between some of the paranoid incumbents and the new flag bearers whose impressive resumes or CVs are already threatening the incumbents who fear being overshadowed while having their political relevancy to the HE regarding Teso diminished in the post-2021 government. The truth is that some of the new entrants boast of higher education qualifications and more financial resources than some of the seasoned politicians Teso sub region has known to be leading NRM ideologues for many years.   (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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