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By Mulengera Reporters 

Tamale Mirundi has this Saturday morning declared verbal media war on popular musician Sheeba Karungi vowing to die with anyone who attacks, demonizes or discredits Andrew Mwenda because he is a key pillar in what he called the “Standby Generator Squad” which is determined to popularize Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba as the next President of Uganda after Gen Museveni.

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Speaking on Pearl fm’s The Patriot program, where he features every Saturday 9-11am, Mirundi said he has very incriminating audio evidence of meetings to prove that Sheeba Karungi is being used by anti-MK mafias in government to make claims that can demonize the entire campaign aimed at popularizing the Standby Generator.

Sheeba earlier in the week recorded a video in which she claimed to have narrowly survived being raped last weekend as she sat in her car waiting to perform at a huge birthday bash of a top government official she didn’t name. She claimed one of the vocal organizers of the bash stormed her vehicle with his Special Forces escorts who allegedly closed the door and walked away leaving behind the sexually charged organizer who forcefully tried to seduce her into non consensual sex acts.

She said she was shocked to the marrow because she grew up respecting the unnamed organizer due to his insightful talks and debates on radios and TV. That same weekend there was a birthday bash for Gen MK in Entebbe and ex-VP Gilbert Bukenya’s as well.

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Whereas Sheeba didn’t reveal any names, her social media followers zeroed in on Mwenda who has since defended himself daring Sheeba to name and shame whoever did such unnatural acts on her. Mwenda demands that Police becomes interested in knowing why a rape victim would at the same time be desperate to conceal the identity of her tormentors.

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On the Saturday talk show, Mirundi said its clear Sheeba wants to demonize Gen MK’s ambition to become President of Uganda in his capacity as the standby generator after the exit of his father Gen YK Museveni. Mirundi said he would defend Mwenda because he is now his boss in their project aimed at amplifying the future MK Presidency.

He said an attack on one member is an attack on all just like is the case with countries that are NATO members under Article 5. He said being the face of the MK Project, Mwenda has a right to count on people like him for protection in case of such very unprovoked attack by Sheeba Karungi whoh he dismissed as “unappetizing, wasted, cheap, unworthy and unfit” to stand in the way for the actualization of the proposed MK Project.

Mirundi said Sheeba isn’t only unappetizing but was also badly brought up implying there is a no way a serious man like Andrew Mwenda can exhibit any sexual attraction towards her. He advised her to carry on with her hassles and blame her mum for not bringing her up properly. Mirundi said Sheeba is an indecent musician who one time tried to seduce his son Tamale Mirundi Jr into sex relationships. He said he would administer severe corporal punishment to his son if he ever gives in and exhibit any appetite to have sex with such a lousy musician.

Vowing to unleash audios of Sheeba being coached on how to demonize Mwenda and spoil his good name, Mirundi also bashed Bukedde newspaper editors for amplifying the anti-Mwenda claims in their news stories. Mirundi also thanked Frank Gashumba for what he called “decisively taking on chauvinists” from NUP and dared veteran politicians like Betty Nambooze, Medard Segona, Muwanga Kivumbi and Mathias Mpuuga to step forward and publicly contradict Gashumba if they are convinced that the stuff he has been saying against their Kamwokya-based political party is false and untrue.

Mirundi, who on the same show breached the gentleman’s agreement proclaimed earlier and once again attacked fellow MK adherent Frank Tumwebaze, said its only Gen Museveni’s desire to continue being President that will ever successfully standing in their way to market the First Son. Mirundi also said Sheeba had been captured and recruited into proxy wars by some big man in government who is out to establish a huge movement of anti-MK activists.

He added that the same big man in government had approached Kiira Municipality MP Semujju Nganda for recruitment in his anti-MK schemes but the man from Bijaba in Kyazanga Lwengo district declined and advised the big man of NRM to instead join them in FDC and they clearly fight MK rather than remaining underground hoping to succeed fighting from within NRM.

“I saluted Nganda and clapped for him in absentia for standing firm against that bully and he actually told everything to Besigye and that’s how they appreciated the fact that there are serious now serious contradictions inside the ruling establishment which Besigye will be taking advantage of to restart his walk to work political movement against high commodity prices,” said Mirundi who the UCC Executive Director Eng Irene Kaggwa Sewankambo expects to report to their Bugolobi headquarters on Wednesday 18th May (10am) to respond to earlier defamation complaints the Odrek Rwabwogo camp recently lodged against him. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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