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By Mulengera Reporters

Tamale Mirundi has claimed that President Museveni can’t survive being ousted in a US-orchestrated campaign. Mirundi says he has information that removing President Museveni and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe were two big personal targets for President Donald Trump.

“Now that Mugabe is out and gone, its Museveni remaining. Trump is going for reelection campaigns and must have something to tell the electorate how he has seen off two African dictators,” Mirundi said on Impact FM this Friday morning.

“This is a mission and a matter of life and death for Trump because its important for his political survival. Kayihura is just a decoy. The target is Museveni in whose service and interest he did all those things he is being sanctioned for.”

Mirundi said in his estimation, it appears time has come for the Americans (renowned for using and dumping African veteran leaders) to discard President Museveni and replace him with a new figure that can serve their interests better. He referenced on Zaire former dictator Mobutu who he said was initially praised by earlier Presidents like Ronald Reagan only to be sacrificed during the GW Bush Presidency when the Americans acquiescently looked as Laurent Kabila-led rebels ousted him with active support from Uganda and Rwanda.

Mirundi predicted that with police and army officers becoming timid and fearful, Museveni will have to rely on ill-trained LDUs whose brutalization of rioters he predicted will catalyze a Tunisia-like uprising leading to the end of Museveni in the post-2021 period. “Those LDUs are going to be stoned by the poor boys organized by the likes of Muwanga Kivumbi. Because of ill-training, they will shoot at people and then the revolution will ensue on the streets and that will be the end of Museveni. You think those Americans are fools? Why do you think they are insisting on people being permitted to have cameras at the polling stations?”(For comments, call/text us on 0200900416 or email us at 



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