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By Mulengera Reporters

President Museveni used his Thursday night televised address to defend the Kabaka of Buganda against peddlers of fake news and social media users who have been insisting that Ronald Muwenda Mutebi is dead. They first claimed that the flamboyant king (who Watchdog online news says is currently having some holiday in Kenya) was grievously ill and that the Buganda Kingdom officials had sneaked him into Kenya for emergency medical treatment. Katikkiro Peter Mayiga, eloquent as ever, came out and ably refuted the claims assuring everyone that the son of Mutesa was well and carrying on with his duties.


Days later, social media users (who Museveni cursed for peddling fake news) were back at it; this time insisting the King was finally dead. Some audio recordings equally went arol7und calling on Baganda to mourn. Gen Museveni said there is no way his government will merely look on as some extremist Ugandans turn the social media into a space for doing “funny things.” Himself a regular user of social media, Gen Museveni expressed optimism that Police (which he said was already investigating the source and originators) will soon have such fake news peddlers apprehended.



Referencing on Ugandans’ general gullibility, Gen Museveni wondered why anyone can fall for such fake news as opposed to relying on official information as communicated by the Katikkiro or officials at his longtime friend Kabaka Mutebi’s palace. “They first said the Kabaka had been poisoned and later announced him dead. This social media is becoming a funny place but the Katikkiro is there and people in the Palace to announce officially in case anything happens to His Highness the Kabaka,” asserted Gen Museveni insist that Police must expeditiously apprehend fake news peddlers behind such “irresponsible behavior.”


In the same speech, Museveni complained against the reckless journalism practice and directed that even mainstream media operators who report misinformation (just like social media does) should be sanctioned in a range of ways including having their operational licenses revoked. Museveni was angry with both conventional and social media because his ruling NRM party had suffered misreporting whereby it’s resounding victory at the youth polls had been misreported creating an impression that Bobi Wine’s NUP had floored the ruling party (whereas not).

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