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  By Otim Nape

As a way of helping its clients easily access vital health information on Coronavirus, Smile Uganda will offer free access to selected local and international websites with immediate effect.

A fast-rising telecom regarding broadband services in Uganda, Smile Uganda announced the exciting offer on Wednesday. Clients started enjoying the juicy deal as soon as the announcement was made.

“We want our customers to stay informed and stay safe,” said Smile Uganda Country Manager Mohamad Bader. “We’ve zero-rated reputable websites that provide the latest, important information about the Coronavirus, including the website of the Ministry of Health (”

Other websites include UNICEF Uganda ( and  World Health Organisation (WHO) (

Today, Uganda confirmed five new cases of Covid-19, bringing the infection toll to 14 since the first case was confirmed Saturday night. Efforts by President Yoweri Museveni and Health Ministry officials to prevent further spread of the disease are being hampered by fake news mongers, among other challenges, who are causing panic.

But Bader was confident the move would enable clients access truthful information and counter fake news. He also reiterated the company’s promise to provide an unrivalled internet experience.

“We believe that free access to accurate Coronavirus information will support the fight against this pandemic,” he said. “I want to remind our customers that our customer care team is standing by, 24 hours a day, to provide internet support. Customers can call 0720 100 100 or send an email to”

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