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By Mulengera Reporters


This Friday morning, Ministry of Health PS Dr. Diana Atwine drove to Media Center where she joined other government officials to raise a red flag clearly indicating to citizens why President Museveni will very soon be re-imposing an even severer lockdown to tame the rampaging spread of Coronavirus in Kampala which is now is the worst hit part of Uganda.

Atwine says the relaxation of COVID19 restrictions was because the government expected Ugandans to play their part by complying with mask-wearing requirements, regular hand washing and physical distancing while going about their work. Instead, she says, there is total disappointment as citizens have become complacent and thrown all the caution to the wind.

She named high risk areas to include city arcades 58 of which she says will be closed within the next 7 days should government fail to see improvement in compliance with the measures that were proclaimed by the President. That operators of public transport have become the biggest source of Coronavirus spread because of their refusal to heed to any of the measures that were imposed at reopening. As a result, she says, these taxis and boda operators have facilitated the spread of COVID19 from one place to another as they transport passengers from home to arcades, factories, hospitals and vice versa.


Atwine says heightened political party activity is another high risk factor causing Coronavirus cases to escalate. That actually even some party offices are not safe anymore (risking closure?) because of the complacency the different political party leaders have lately been exhibiting. Parties like NRM, FDC and NUP have lately been having gatherings where the anti-COVID19 measures haven’t been adequately enforced or complied with. Atwine, being a civil servant not supposed to be partisan, didn’t specifically disclose any of the offending political parties but said they are having well founded fears.

She says private hospitals have equally been a source of great vulnerability for many citizens in this period because asymptomatic patients come and get attended to by the health workers who actually have no personal protective gear. She says in the process, the medics themselves have gotten exposed on top of having their subsequent patients subsequently exposed. It’s currently that complicated just like Gen Museveni illustrated last night as he called on citizens to look forward to his televised address next week (though some experts are saying next week is too far & that Museveni needs to intervene re-imposing severer restrictions now).

Atwine says people working in factories too have vastly become exposed largely because of the public transport they use to and from work. All said and done, President Museveni (taking cue from what is rampaging elsewhere) will most likely be shutting down the country once again because practically it’s the only way to break the spread that has now broken into densely populated communities like Kampala’s CBD. The only dilemma for Gen Museveni is how to lock down again (ostensibly to prevent Uganda becoming a Italy) without constraining efforts by the EC to proceed conducting preparatory activities for the 2021 general elections as scheduled.

Not voting on schedule will require Speaker Rebecca Kadaga taking over the role of President, a scenario that must naturally be too painful for Gen Museveni to even ponder. We eagerly wait to see what Gen Museveni will be choosing: between politics and saving the lives of his COVID19 vulnerable citizens. The thing is there is no way you can lock down the country again without naturally stalling the electoral road map activities aimed at ensuring polling happens as scheduled.

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