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The Lugusulu house that Museveni’s younger brother Geoffrey Sodo Aine Kaguta is struggling to complete to enable him ably compete for Mawogola South MP Seat replacing legendary Sam Kutesa

By Mulengera Reporters

This is strange but true. Geoffrey Sodo Aine Kaguta, the President’s young brother aspiring to replace Sam Kutesa as Mawogola North MP in Sembabule, has continued to sleep in land dealer/broker Moses Ninsiima’s lodge in Sembabule Town as he campaigns against Kutesa’s daughter Shartsi Musherure Namatovu who has been endorsed by her to succeed him as area MP come 2021.

Sodo, for whom Gen Salim Saleh mobilized other family members to raise cash and buy 50 acres of land to resettle in Sembabule, has taken more than a year trying to construct a house for himself in Lugusulu Sub County (out of which newly created Sub County of Kawanda is being curved). In the same Sub County lives Sodo’s paternal auntie Madam Kibazibira (Museveni’s Senga) who settled here decades ago. The house, whose exclusive pictures we have in our possession and are publishing as part of this story, has remained uncompleted for a while causing would-be voters to become very concerned and apprehensive towards Sodo. 

Sources say that Sodo, who is employed to co-manage Kampala Minister Benny Mugwanya husband’s gold mines in nearby Mubende District, gradually lost the favor of the President after failing to work hard enough aiding the farm manager’s efforts to prevent rampant thefts of the big man’s cows at the Kisozi ranch. Museveni had actually given up on him until Gen Saleh insisted on reconciliation and (financial, social and emotional) rehabilitation of his young brother. That’s how a decision was taken to help resettle him in Sembabule after fellow residents in nearby Nyabushozi showed extreme contempt towards Sodo.

The failure to complete the house, which is largely as a result of his wealthier siblings abandoning him protesting his decision to run in Mawogola North clearly antagonizing big man Sam Kutesa whose daughter is eyeing the same seat, has further complicated Sodo’s relationship with voters who have vowed to stick to Kutesa’s daughter Musherure who they see as more original and indigenous in Sembabule. Many of them now perceive Sodo as too alien to Sembabule politics to deserve their vote. 

Sodo says he offered himself to run for Mawogola North MP Seat because the area residents urged him to. He adds that he acted unilaterally after unsuccessfully seeking audience with both Museveni and Kutesa to consult them on the same. He, gratefully says he is ready to abide by whatever voters decide between him and Musherure through the NRM party primaries.

Some of Sodo’s supporters say it’s impolite for Musherure to run against him since he qualifies to be her father-in-law since his brother YK Museveni’s son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba marries her twin sister Charlotte Kutesa. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 or email us at 



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