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By Gilbert Mwesigye

As we exclusively reported on 21st March, Kampala Woman MP Nabillah Nagayi has finally weighed she stands no chance against the gallant Dr. Stella Nyanzi and has offered herself to run for Kampala Lord Mayoral seat (see related story here According to Rubaga Division councilor Sharifah Nakitende, a longtime ally, Nabillah has been holding consultative meetings to generate consensus that it’s time to abandon Woman MP Seat (she has held since 2006). Nakitende says, that having been clearly rejected by FDC which won’t be fronting anybody against Lukwago, many options have become available to Nabillah including carrying the flag for her mentor Gen Mugisha Muntu’s ANT party. The other option is to discredit Jose Chameleon or even pay him off to bow out so that the beautiful Nabillah Nagayi gets the People Power endorsement.

Regardless of the political platform she comes under, Nabillah Nagayi will be hard brand to sell because majority Kampalans are very resentful of the ambiguity and lukewarmness she manifested in December 2017 as the Togikwatako vote was being decided. Whereas they expected her to lead from the front in resisting what they saw as efforts to keep Museveni President for life, Nabillah Nagayi was nowhere to be seen. To many voters, this corroborated long held view that Nabillah Nagayi is a 5th columnist for the regime only pretending to flock with other opposition leaders. It’s something she has never satisfactorily explained herself about. She tried explaining she was ill and undergoing surgery in Canada but majority Kampalans didn’t get satisfied. They continue perceiving her as a traitor who deserves to be severely punished in the ballot box come 2021.

She has always been at loggerheads with Erias Lukwago who aspires to very high political standards. Lukwago’s consistency in practicing what he preaches when it comes to opposing Gen Museveni is a standard the likes of Nabillah have always found to be very discomforting. Even in the 8th Parliament where they both served (with Lukwago representing Kampala Central), Nabillah was always uncomfortable seeing the viciousness with which Lukwago resisted decisions by old KCC that saw city markets like Owino, Nakasero, Nakawa, Kisekka and others leased off to private developers like Hassan Basajjabalaba, Brig Johnson Mugenyi and others. Lukwago mobilized vendors who successfully fought the NRM-leaning tycoons out of their markets.

KCC then was under the NRM-compromised Mayorship of Nasser Ntege Sebaggala, a brother-in-law to Nabillah Nagayi. She marries Isaac Sempala who is a young biological brother to Seya (same mother same father). Even when Lukwago battled Dictator Jennifer Musisi, Nabillah never disguised her admiration for the iron-fisted woman from Kitezi. Actually running for Mayorship is something she even pondered in 2016 and in all this her idea has always been how to help NRM create a wedge between Lukwago and his reliable allies in FDC. She has been pondering running on FDC ticket and when she was ignored in 2016, she incited city TV personality Miles Rwamiti to try carrying the FDC flag so that the indomitable politician from Kabungo is officially antagonized with a political institution called FDC. This, however, failed when FDC leaders refused allowing Rwamiti to carry their flag. Having realized she clearly doesn’t stand any chance for the woman MP slot, because fighter Stella Nyanzi has for long been prepared to verbally blow her up, Nabillah Nagayi has opted for Lord Mayorship falsely construing Lukwago to be a weakling and soft spot.

Her insistence on antagonizing Erias Lukwago has prompted several Kampalans to perceive her bid as part of the move to perpetuate the Sebaggala family dynastic tendencies. Not only has Seya been Mayor twice (1998 & 2006-2011) but his other brother Latif Sebaggala has held elected positions in Kampala’s Kawempe Division (both as MP and local council leader) since 1996. Since 2001, Kawempe North hasn’t known any other MP apart from Latif who has always played the opportunism card to keep getting reelected. In 2016 when he realized he couldn’t work with his old allies the Maos anymore, Latif tactfully tied himself on long-suffering Erias Lukwago under TJ and that is the man on whose back he rode to get back for 4th term. In 2001, he was among those who rode on the Besigye brand to become MPs in Kampala. He did the same in 2006 to the total detriment of his party DP whose much-shunned Presidential candidate was Sebaana Kizito aka Kibaki.

As if that (Latif & Seya) isn’t eating enough, the same Sebaggala family have their Faruk Ntege (a billionaire who has made a lot of money as a member of Kampala District Land Board) fighting to oust Makindye West MP Allan Sewanyana. He is being fronted by the DP Bloc diehards who are the same people counting on Nabillah Nagayi to overcome Erias Lukwago in case Jose Chameleon cracks and turns out unserious or fails to generate the anticipated momentum. For starters, DP Bloc is full of political veterans like Henry Lubowa, Mike Mabikke, Abdul Karim Lukoda and others who have never been comfortable with Erias Lukwago and his other politically incorruptible political allies (Semujju Nganda, Moses Kasibante, Medard Segona, Muwanga Kivumbi, Mathias Mpuuga, Betty Nambooze etc).

Besides wealthy Faruk Ntege (who counts money in kgs and sacks) and now Nabillah Nagayi, Syda Bbumba is another member of the Sebaggala dynasty that continues to occupy public political space. She marries Seya’s other brother called Bbumba (RIP). She is officially NRM and has been Minister and MP for much of the period Gen Museveni has been President of Uganda. Nabillah’s entry into the Lord Mayoral race confirms that the Sebaggala family is going to have three candidates contesting for electoral positions in Kampala in the 2021 general elections alone (and these are Nabillah Nagayi, Latif Sebaggala & Faruk Ntege). As we know, they have each been occupying well-remunerated public positions up to now (Ntege at KDLB, Nabillah MP and Latif MP too).

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