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By Mulengera Reporters

Whereas many lawyers and stakeholders are jubilating Mike Chibita’s impending exit from heading the DPP office to be able to take over office as Supreme Court judge, there are naturally some powerful Ugandans who are crestfallen and will definitely miss the man from Butaleja at the Workers’ House-based headquarters of the Public Prosecutor. And 43-year-old Mulago Hospital accountant Charles Stephen Mwasa (whose vast riches we reported recently) is among those that will greatly miss Chibita for the reasons we are disclosing in the following story.

 Months ago, Mwasa’s estranged wife and mother of his two children Rebecca Nagidde (on being granted divorce) became aggrieved by the unfair way the Family Division of the High Court Judge resolved children custody and property distribution. In his ruling, the judge permitted Mwasa (whose riches we recently published) to retain all the wealth including those Nagidde maintains were jointly acquired and constructed.

The only property over which the judge permitted continued joint interest is the palatial matrimonial home which sits on a vast piece of land comprising several plots in Kiwatule Nakawa Division. This prompted a dissatisfied Nagidde to file an appeal challenging the trial court’s decision regarding the aspect of property distribution. She was only satisfied with the fact that the divorce she filed for alleging adultery (under Divorce Cause No. 70 of 2016) was granted without much resistance or objection from Mwasa who has also since moved on with someone else.

As Nagidde, who is represented by several city law firms, prepared to file her appeal in the Court of Appeal she was shocked to realize that the more than 5 acres of prime land she separately bought and acquired (without being jointly done with Mwasa) during the sustenance of their marriage union had clandestinely been transferred from her names to the names of people she claims to be Mr. Mwasa’s relatives and proxies (her original plan was to cut plots and resale in an estate-like fashion).

Some of the recently published property belonging to Mulago Hospital accountant Charles Stephen Mwasa. Besides demanding 50% of the property, Mwasa’s recently divorced wife wanted DPP Mike Chibita (inset) to use his office and criminally prosecute Mwasa over the unauthorized transfer of her registered ownership of another 5 acres of prime land near Dr. Besigye’s Kasangati home which Nagidde had purchased for resale as small plots in an estate-like fashion

She also realized the relevant ownership documents for her 5 acres near Besigye’s home in Kasangati were all missing from the Kiwatule matrimonial home where she had abandoned them as she acrimoniously parted ways with Mwasa. She subsequently reported criminal cases against Mwasa (whose details we shall revisit in our subsequent reporting) who in the end had his file sanctioned for criminal prosecution.

One of the files (having been sent in by CIID Kibuli) was comprehensively studied and sanctioned by DPP Mike Chibita’s own PA (a one Joseph) resulting into Mwasa’s apprehension and arraignment before the KCCA Magistrates Court some months ago. As the trial was getting under way, with Mwasa already in the accused person’s dock, a directive suddenly came halting the proceedings. This left lawyers, people in court and the Magistrate herself in total shock.

The list of some of the properties which Rebecca Nagidde wants re-distributed between her and her recently divorced husband Charles Stephen Mwasa with 50% going to her because she alleges these are mostly jointly acquired properties (not including the Kasangati 5 acres over which she wants Mwasa criminally prosecuted for failing to prevent their fraudulent transfer from her names to someone else’s)

An aggrieved Nagidde, who (as we shall later show) hoped her estranged hubby would have to answer for forgery and falsification of land ownership documents, was advised to reach out to DPP Chibita so that he could use his powers to administratively intervene and ensure the criminal matter (over which she claims to have more than enough evidence) gets re-instated. She indeed met the DPP Chibita several times and she was left dissatisfied when people in his office advised her to accept whatever Mwasa was paying her in compensation and subsequently leave the rest of the matter to God. Sources say she was offered about Shs1bn yet she feels she was entitled to much more. Inside sources at the DPP’s office say the young lady declined insisting on nothing but criminal prosecution of her former husband and father of her children.

Whereas Chibita’s advise calling for reconciliation and amicable resolution between the two young parents was prudent and well-intentioned, it caused the man from Butaleja to be misunderstood for one with a soft spot for Mwasa and others Nagidde continues to complain against. This is the reason why many of the people and lawyers fully briefed about Nagidde’s criminal complaint have continued to perceive Chibita’s elevation to the position of Supreme Court judge as real bad news for Mwasa because whoever becomes new DPP (most likely Mbale resident Judge Suzan Okalany) might have a totally very adversarial approach that is different from deeply-spiritual and conciliatory Chibita’s. Watch this space for more about this matter.



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