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By Mulengera Reporters

Determined not to let their brother Isaac Sempala Sebaggala go down alone, the members of the Kisaasi-based Sebaggala family have indicated readiness to collectively pay the Shs850m Prof Venescias Baryamureeba is demanding from Kampala MP Nabillah Nagayi’s husband. But before getting the money (if he will ever get it at all), the ill-fated Baryamureeba must satisfy a range of conditions including producing proof that he has ever had such money on his bank account anywhere.

Led by leading city deal-maker Faruk Ntege, the Sebaggala siblings (along with their only sister Nalumansi married into the Gava family of Buziga) have demanded that Baryamureeba discloses all his bank accounts and allows them to have a transparent inspection into each of those accounts to establish if the political reject from Ibanda has ever possessed a Lumpsum of such money in his life time.

The family members, who always demanded that Sempala takes on a second wife (Haki) as a way of taming the generous Nabillah Nagayi’s stubbornness, are of the view that Barya’s Shs850m claim is fictitious and it’s merely aimed at deflating Sempala while justifying his wife and Barya’s plans to deprive him of his house-and at the same time make him unfit to demand sex and other conjugal rights’ performance from the mother of his four children whom he wedded in 2008 at a function presided over Mufti Shaban Mubaje.

The Sebaggalas are equally appalled and intrigued that powerful NRM cadres like Nusura Tiperu, Nabillah’s friend and neighbor in Buziga, are increasingly getting involved into the campaign aimed at depriving their brother of his Buziga property. That some of the pro-Barya Kanyamas recently involved in forcing Sempala out of the Buziga house have since claimed to have been deployed by Nusura Tiperu whose role the Sebaggala brothers want both Nabillah and Barya to explain as regards the marital property wrangling.

The Sebaggalas have exhibited readiness to fundraise among their family and Ffumbe clan members both in Uganda and Diaspora and raise the Shs850m but Barya can’t or shouldn’t get the money on a silver plate. “We want him to tell us why someone who has never owned any property in Kampala wants to use our brother’s house to become a home owner for the first time. He must also disclose what he does for a living for him to have acquired such money. He must be very clear as opposed to just make vague claims that he is an IT consultant. We must know what is his company’s name; where is it officed and who his clients are. We must see his bank statements to understand how liquid he has been since losing the Makerere job. Where does he currently live? You can’t part with Shs850m just like that when we don’t even know your current employment or place of abode,” says one of the Sebaggala brothers.

The Sempala family source adds that they are doubting Nabillah’s claim that the alleged Shs850m, if it ever existed, came from Baryamureeba who they know lives in a rented apartment (costing Shs500k per month) in Buziga not very far from the Sempala house which he used to visit regularly until October last year when Sempala unexpectedly sneaked into the country to participate in the burial of his brother Seya. Both Barya and Nabillah never expected Sempala to be in Uganda without the wife inputting into his travel preparations because it has always been her to purchase his air ticket. Nabillah, who sometimes addresses Barya as baby, is also the one who was keeping all Canada travel and asylum status documents relating to Sempala. The implication is Sempala could only travel with Nabillah’s knowledge but this time, Sempala, who was already restless about rumors that Barya frequently visits his house, preferred to come unannounced and catch the two friendly adults off guard.

Before jetting into the country, Sempala had been denied access to his wife’s performance of conjugal duties for years. When he had just travelled to Canada, where he eventually acquired asylum status having presented himself as a politically persecuted FDC activist, Sempala used to travel to Kigali or Nairobi where Nabillah would join him to have fan over the weekend and travel back. Nabillah would provide for both air ticket and hotel charges to enable the two exercise their conjugal rights. With time this became expensive and they agreed that Nabillah would occasionally travel to Canada, perform her marital duties to him and also see the children as well before returning to Kampala. The children too got asylum on grounds their father, who presented himself as a persecuted FDC activist using the Nabillah Owino torture video, was unable to safely live and provide for them in Uganda.


Nabillah Nagayi’s first born Randi Sempala during her free time in Alberta Canada where she lives. She earns her living by being a
baby-sitter during her free time when not busy with school.

Nabillah, who Sempala believed was seeing other guys, never kept her word. Each time Sempala required her to travel and be with him in Canada, she would find some excuse including claiming failure to be granted the Canadian visa. She had already suggested he shouldn’t travel to Kigali or Nairobi frequently lest he breaches the asylum conditions. She discouraged him on grounds the Canadians can, through their intelligence system, take offence and cancel his asylum for breaching its conditions. She one time told him she had failed to travel to be with him in Canada because her visa applications hadn’t been successful.  All this, coupled with the fact that family financier Baryamureeba was freely accessing her, only made Sempala disturbed and restless hence his decision to travel back unannounced.     

Insisting that, since leaving Makerere, Baryamureeba has been broke, the Sebaggala brothers are demanding for a transparent lifestyle audit on the computer Professor to establish that he is indeed a man possessed with means to part with Shs850m to help a mere family friend just like that. “We for instance want to understand why he has never bought any posh car in the last so many years. He continues having his two very old Benzes with personalized number plates and hasn’t managed buying any new vehicle since leaving Makerere and our information is that our sister-in-law Nabillah Nagayi is the one of those who financially take care of him and not vice versa. It’s now our word against his and the best way to establish the truth regarding his Shs850m claim is through conducting a transparent audit exercise on his life style and bank statements. Once we are satisfied that he indeed parted with the hs850m as he claims, we shall have no option but to fundraise and save our brother’s Buziga property,” says an influential member of the Sebaggala family.

The Sebaggala family member added that from their research, many of the properties the public construes to be Baryamureeba’s are actually Nabillah’s. “Take the example of Nansana; we know that those little bu-houses they have on Kabaka’s land belong to honorable [Nabillah] inspite of the fact that Baryamureeba’s sister has been fighting hard to chase her [Nabillah] away thinking it’s her brother’s property. The same goes for the farm they jointly own at Rutti Mbarara at a place called Rwarire and we also know that the house at his Ibanda home was jointly built too. The lifestyle audit will help us verifiably establish Barya’s net worth and once we discover that he is financially well off and capable of lending anyone Shs850m, we shall mobilize our relatives, the entire Ffumbe clan and pay up to rescue our brother otherwise we are ready for the prolonged court battle to defeat his fictitious claim over Sempala’s house,” says one of the Sebaggala brothers.

That as part of the lifestyle audit, the Sebaggala family also want Baryamureeba to explain the circumstances under which he divorced his wife lawyer Jenifer who works with EC and subsequently relocated their two children from Kampala Junior Academy to a school in Gayaza.

They are also demanding for an explanation under which the 12 cows Nabillah used to have on the Nansana land came to be relocated to Mbarara from where they died and are now remaining only 3. One source says the Mbarara-Rutti location, where the cows where relocated, neighbors a culturally very important site where the Obugabe adherents have, since the days of Prince Barigye, been performing their kingship cleansing-related rituals.


In a related development, Mulengera News has established that when he recently returned from Canada, Sempala was intrigued to find Nabillah (a newly converted Born Again Christian) had donated part of their Nakigalala family farm land to a group of Born Again pastors led by Ps Simon of Kawaala.  The outgoing Kampala Woman MP, whose strictly not very compliant dress code caused her to be resented by her Kisaasi-based mother-in-law, has gradually been bonding with such pastors during campaign time. “She likes to hear their prophecy as to whether she will win reelection as Kampala Woman MP and by what percentage. She ministers to them just like they do the same to her and don’t be surprised when she ends up becoming a pastor,” says a source close to Nabillah.

As Mulengera News reported earlier, these pastors have been congregating at her Buziga residence for weekly prayers. She had even gone as far as turning the home into a prayer altar (Ekyooto ky’okusaba). When Sempala sneaked into the country for Seya’s burial, Nabillah became uneasy, left the Buziga home and the weekly prayer altar prayer operations were suspended. Her prayer warriors, who had made big prophecies about her Lord Mayorship bid, began congregating at Nakigalala where the couple has a farm of over 22 acres.

Nabillah allocated them a part where a temporary church shelter was erected and people from the Nakigalala Kajjansi community began coming for prayers there. On being told about it, Sempala (who Nabillah says thumped her during campaign time) furiously stormed the place and chased away his wife’s pastors accusing them of noise-making. Sempala equally dispersed a crowd of about 300 worshippers. He told them this was his land and they risked being charged for trespassing.

After they dispersed, Sempala, aided by the Kanyamas brought by his brother Faruk Ntege, demolished the temporary church structure and vowed to spear any pastor who ever trespasses on his land. A tearful Nabillah threatened court action while accusing Sempala of violating her freedom of worship. At Kisaasi, relatives are already telling Sempala “we told you the best way to overcome joogo [familiarity] by that woman was by getting a 2nd Haki [wife] but you never listened.”  (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at





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