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By Sam Evidence Orikunda

We have a few days to the polls, The NUP Party has continued to give false hopes to the youth of Uganda that they will remove Museveni on 14th January. They however don’t give facts on how they will manage to what FDC and other opposition Political parties have failed in the last thirty five years. NUP a Political Party which hatched from a mere pressure group does not have any known ideology or vision for the country that we could maybe say that Ugandans we base themselves on to vote them.

A Political Party should be having principals, goals and ideology. They should be having reasons as to why they seek mandate of Ugandans to be entrusted with Power. The National Unity Platform apart from chanting people power do not have any clear goals and vision for the country. However, they have been lucky to get the attention of the enemies of Uganda, the groups which have been jilted by the progress of our country hence working with them to forge a way of throwing the peaceful and stable county into violence and may be war. However as they do so, Ugandans who have enjoyed peace and stability of NRM are watching closely and will give the last verdict.

While appearing on the famous morning breeze program on NBS Bobi Wine made us laugh again when he exposed his lack of capacity to answer important questions hence doubting his competency. When the host asked him about his strategy to boost the economy when he becomes President Bobi wine simply went irrelevant.  He said “We don’t want to talk about numbers, we want Ugandans to develop in vernacular”.

This is not the first time Bobi wine is failing to answer questions about the economy, foreign policy, security and several others. I think if we had a chance to have the Presidential debate Bobi Wine was going to be embarrassed. Any person who seeks to take leadership of any Country without knowledge about the economy, foreign policy and security is simply incompetent and does not deserve to be voted into power. In these times when Ugandans are civilized, educated and modernized they put every Candidate at weighing scale.

It will be difficult for Bobi wine to force himself on Ugandans as their President just like Idi Amin did in the 70s. Idi Amin managed to overthrow an educated and more understanding President and took over. All the year that he spent as President running the country Ugandans regret them up today. Actually not only Ugandans but also the neighboring Countries because they also got issues with an  illiterate leader who simply did things the way he wished without thinking if they’re right or wrong.

The FDC under the leadership of Dr Kiiza Besigye tried to take on President Museveni and NRM. They started as a pressure group – Reform agenda in the early 2000 and their struggle has never yielded any results. FDC has been having only thirty five members of Parliament against NRM 300. In several Constituencies FDC would fail to get a candidate an evidence that they no single Support in those areas. Besigye left the Political scene without FDC adding on the members they had in Parliament.

Instead the number of FDC MPs has decreased with several of them defecting to ANT. When Mugisha Muntu advised the FDC about building structures right from grassroots they took him for a joke and named him a mole, he was fought until he realized that he had no future at FDC hence forming his own Political party which has been fishing from FDC since then.

The FDC’s strategy of Street – noise Politics has since then been adopted by NUP. It’s actually the FDC that took social media as a tool and making a lot of noise on Street as a strategy to fight NRM. Besigye organized several demonstrations downtown Kampala until the people got tired of him and started telling him off. However as he did so, the NRM intensified Support in the villages, forming structures right from the village. This made it difficult for the FDC’s Candidates to even get a thousand votes in the rural areas and this is likely to happen on 15th January against NUP.

In these bad days of the pandemic, when Ugandans are losing their lives and their dear ones,  Bobi Wine and colleagues thought it’s was wise to hold rallies with crowds and minding about SOPs. They say, the state is using Covid to coarse them, however Bobi wine doesn’t explain to Ugandans if it’s the NRM which brought Covid 19. We have actually got information that during the course of Campaigns, Bobi wine got Covid 19 and decided to keep silent about it hence spreading it to the people he was meeting.

Unfortunately some Ugandans are vulnerable and could die of Covid. Ugandans were watching as Bobi Wine Forcefully held rallies and laughed at those who took precautions against the killer Covid 19. President Museveni did the opposite however, he decided to meet a few NRM leaders fully observing SOPs and after taking a test of Covid 19 and with negative results. If Ugandans consider that when voting they will obviously choose the NRM.

The irresponsible communication of NUP leaders will make their struggling party fail to win. While addressing journalists Joel Senyonyi the NUP mouthpiece said “some people will die but the struggle will continue” that means he didn’t care and he didn’t value the lives of those who have died and neither does he value the lives  of the young people who  run after them wherever they go.

Any understanding Ugandan wouldn’t risk voting such a group of irresponsible people who don’t take the lives of people important. Also, Bobi Wine’s continued romancing of foreigners who are against the growth of our country will make Ugandans choose otherwise. There’s no sane Ugandan that will risk the future of Uganda into the hands of the merciless foreigners. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at

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